Elemental Eros : for Men

A Primordial Journey of Initiation to the Integrated Masculine through Nature and Body

For men who want to integrate their sex, heart and spirit, then walk as the wild force of nature that they are.

Welcome to Elemental Eros

We will gather for 9 live mentorship calls
+ Opening & Closing Ceremonies 

Times are a’changing and perhaps how you see yourself as a man is also changing.

The old structures of male behaviour are crumbling. The power-over paradigm is disintegrating before our eyes which is all a necessary turn of the evolutionary spiral. 

As we watch old shadow patterns be called out, it can often be disorientating as the new way hasn’t yet been forged. We can feel as though we have been left adrift, in the unknown, not really knowing what is being asked of us. For men, I feel there is a major need to lay a new foundation around what it means to inhabit the healthy, whole and integrated masculine.

Elemental Eros will take you on a journey into the wild force of your embodied love.

The Good News

The good news is that the new way is there, because it’s as old as time. Hidden within nature’s law is an inherent and organic design of our true human nature and a map of what the embodied, integrated masculine looks like.

I believe that the heart of man is the most precious jewel on earth. And when activated has the potential to create great and lasting evolutionary change in the world. 

A man leading from his heart has the capacity to create the world anew.

Elemental Eros for men is a journey to the heart. It’s a reclamation of the raw and fierce sensitivity and power that resides there, through coming into intimate relationship with Earth and the feminine voice which pervades the depths of your soul. 

This is not a journey of becoming more feminine, in fact it’s quite the opposite. By integrating the inner feminine voice of your heart and soul, whilst building the muscle of your masculine psyche, you become an integrated man. A man connected to the power of his primal nature as well as the depth of his heart. 

This is the journey of the inner alchemical marriage. The inner union. 

On this journey we will walk the four directions of wholeness and the four directions of fragmentation. We’ll cultivate a centre within so that no matter what the storm you are rooted in your presence, power, passion and purpose. 

Elemental Eros for men is the journey to the truth at the core of your heart. The place of your innermost freedom and outermost fulfilment. It’s not a journey for the faint of heart. The journey promises to make you stronger in your masculine expression than ever before.


“The planet is not actually suffering from either an environmental crisis or an economic one. Instead, it could be that the Earth is currently suffering from a shortage of our love.”


The Elemental Eros Design

During The Journey of Elemental Eros we will engage with Nature Based and Embodiment practice that will allow you to cultivate an embodied memory of Eros in every cell of your Soul.

This is an experiential journey. Your path will be forged by walking it.

Your deep immersion into the natural world will open doorways you never knew possible. As you journey you will:

↝ Cultivate wholeness as a healthy human-making task
↝ Identify fragments of the psyche as intra-psychic knowledge
↝ Learn the art of self-healing as a tool for empowerment
↝ Develop emotional intelligence as portal to your hidden depth
↝ Track your core vulnerability as gateway to deeper soul
↝ Activate your animal body as a source of your power
↝ Open your consciousness to the dream of the Earth
↝ Cultivate a core sense of self that can hold totality

What is Eros?

Eros is the primordial pulse that moves the universe into manifestation and creation. Somewhere, we lost touch with this pulse. It was shamed, considered dirty and driven deep underground. In doing so, we lost touch with the magic and mystery of the ancient ways.

Lost in the collective unconscious Eros causes havoc. Addiction, drugs, gambling, un-ensouled sex, he’s the hungry ghost banished to the edge of existence. But re-instated to his earthly place and throne he is the deep roots we are all longing for.

It’s our task to unearth once again and come into right relationship with the force of love wanting to be made manifest through us. 

Elemental Eros is a revolution from the inside. It’s the deep seeds of awakening to the holy within your bones. It’s laying the foundation for the biggest conversation you can have in this lifetime.

If we want to awaken and live the destiny of our Soul, we have to become enlivened with the essence of Eros. We need to be fully resourced in the whole aspects of our psyche, which are interconnected with the whole and relational web of the natural world. This innate connection to the matrix of life is a deeply erotic affair.

When we come into right relationship with your life force, your sex, heart and spirit are aligned to the truth at our core. Can you hear the call?

“Love is an art. It takes a journey to learn the definition of love, to master the pure quality of love. Everyone gets these things confused with love, but in reality love is purely beautiful. A truth that nourishes and makes one feel wonderful and whole. A gift that makes one want to be their authentic self. Love is the only thing in this world that does not hurt.

– J. Singh

The Elemental Eros Methodology

During each session, we’ll re-activate the ancient imprint of the primal and whole Self through conversations with body and land. Then we’ll turn towards the shadow and coax the too-small stories out from underneath.

We’ll remember the ancient imprint of the 4 elements and how they correspond to your innate wisdom, power and wholeness as a man.

We’ll turn towards each direction and invite the mystery of land, body and psyche to reveal to us what we’ve known deep down all along.

This is a journey of embodiment. By taking this journey, your molecular structure will be morphed into the resonance of Earth’s frequency. It’s an opening of doorways into a new world.

We will engage in:

↝ Alchemical Nature Practices
Deep Imagery Journeys
Sacred Speech Council
Shadow Work
Activating Your Animal Body As Source Of Power
Deep Nature Connection
Creative Writing
Creative Expression
Ceremony * Magic * Ritual

“Maturity comes only when you are ready to face the pain of your being; maturity comes only when you are ready to take the challenge. And there is no greater challenge than love.”

– Osho


Opening Ceremony

↝ 7th February 2023 : 5 – 6.30pm UK

9 x Live Group Mentorship Calls 

Thursday : 5 – 7pm UK

↝ 9th February
↝ 23rd February
↝ 9th March
↝ 23rd March
↝ 6th April
↝ 20th April
↝ 4th May
↝ 18th May
↝ 1st June

Closing Ceremony

↝ 6th June : 5 – 6.30pm UK


Weekly Movement Medicine Embodiment Session : Online

Every Wednesday 7 – 8.30pm UK

With Keef Wesolowski-Miles 

Optional 1:1 Mentorship Sessions With Kate

Offered at a reduced rate for course participants

Activations, Meditations , Invitations and Practices

All designed to support the alchemical embodiment of Eros

Access to Course Material via Online Platform

A personal log in to all course materials  


5 Months Online Only 


One off Payment : £1990

Payment Plan : 6 x £340

*NB – If there is not a time on the calendar that suits, please email me to find a time.

There are no refunds – please refer to our terms and conditions

What others are saying.

Words from past participants of our offerings

“I have an image of a spiral, that this is not a linear journey but circling into the greater depths, passing through territory that was familiar but parts that I never knew before. It’s enabled me to identify parts of my psyche, giving them a name and visualizing them makes me feel clear about myself as a man. It’s a step towards wholeness. I have access to resources I didn’t have before and I have the ability to call my integrated man forth. 

By knowing the parts of my psyche, i’s almost like a theatre of the soul. These characters now have names. I feel more empowered and it’s like a light has been switched on. It used to be murky and i didn’t know how to work with them. I wasn’t aware of what I could do as an alternative. Now I can be loving towards parts of me that are wounded. I have deeper compassion and understanding of how my inner world works. I can approach myself with playfulness rather than anger and confusion.”

Darius : UK