Love Body Lab

Feminine Embodiment

Relearning the ancient ways of the Feminine through Body and Earth
Come home to the wellspring of your Feminine Eros

Dive into the essence of
your Deep Feminine

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Totnes, Venue, 2024 – Dates TBC



Live on Zoom, 2024 – Dates TBC


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Left in for your inspiration :

The Shakti-Shiva Meditation Dance is profound and intimate dive into the hidden chamber of the eternal wellspring of your Feminine Eros.

Through the subtle yet profound movement of the hips we open the primordial pulse of the cosmos held within your sex, womb and heart.

The dance is a homecoming. A descent into the magic, power, vulnerability and deep nourishment of your own inner honey pot. A place to remember the source of your love.   

Held in a global circle of awakening women, together we’ll feel. Together we’ll remember. Together we’ll awaken our sexual and creative life force energy, for full surrender and participation with the deep Eros in the ecstasy of your feminine nature. 

IS THIS STILL RELEVANT ? **Once you’ve attended the Introduction you’ll have to opportunity to join the ongoing temple of women
gathers every Tuesday @ 7.30-9pm UK.** 

What others are saying

Words from past participants of our Feminine Embodiment Practices

“Thank you for your blissful container of space today. It wasn’t at all what I was expecting and so much more. I haven’t felt so patient with myself, grounded and embodied in a while.

Truly magical that I found you at this time. Bless you.”

Estelle - USA

“The call of the unseen depths.
They come to life in my own body
I feel home in Earth’s darkness
The muddy, the tight, the bright, the dense
Embrace of darkness
Sinking down, breaking through layers of Denial of human life being one of womb.
Water, soil, Apple, temple, Crystal, waves,
Animal. I reclaim the belonging to
The world matters and their innate dreaming, including my being’s as woman,
Woman who feels, who dreams, who knows, who owns. Her longing for being taken by utter aliveness and melting with waking
Sophia - Germany


“Thank you so much, Kate.  These dances have supported me allowing my Feminine to feel free to emerge more than anything I have experienced.” 

Anon – 2023

“Through my experience of dancing, so many emotions are being recognized and brought into my consciousness. Especially challenging emotions. What I really appreciate about that is how instead of brushing them aside and glazing over them, I get to have a hold of them and walk with them in my life.

I get to realize that I really care about authentic connections and will therefore only seek and allow those into my life, for example. I feel the sense of excitement for the present and the future. 

I get to lead my life with the sense of longing for love and connection that I discover through dancing, and for that I get to live a deeper life.” 

Joanna - USA