Theatre of the Wild :
Experimental Theatre Lab

An Alchemical Dance with Creation through Theatre and Nature

Mixed gender, in person, in Devon. Weekly classes and weekend workshops

Theatre of the Wild is an alchemical laboratory for the soul. A love affair with creation through the realm of  Theatre and Earth.

We have weekly main term classes in person, in Devon.

Next 8 week term begins 19th April 2023

Every Wednesday – 6.30-9pm 

An exploration of your elemental soul essence through the modality of theatre.

We shake up your ordinary orientation to the world by conjuring the inner and outer wildness of your Soul. By entering into altered states of consciousness we come into conversation with the liminal magic of creative void, where the whispers and poetry of your soul can emerge for the world to see.

Theatre of The Wild is an alchemical laboratory of investigation where over the course of eight weeks we’ll tend to the thread of the deep mysteries of your soul, and give voice to what has been hidden within.

Some of the ways in which we work :

↝ Alchemical Nature Practices
↝ Physical exploration of the body
↝ Deep Imagery Journeys
↝ Shadow Work
↝ Activating The Intelligence of Your Animal Body
↝ Deep Nature Connection
↝ Creative Writing
↝ Creative Expression
↝ Ceremony * Magic * Ritual

You were wild once here. Don’t let them tame you.”


Main Term : Weekly Classes

An 8-week experimental laboratory.
By entering into the liminal zone of the sacred stage we unearth the voice of the wild that is longing to express through you. 

SPRING TERM BEGINS : 19th April 2023

8 consecutive Wednesdays 6.30 – 9pm

Studio 33, Hex and Gym, Dartington Hall

£195 before 5th April / £240 after

Experimental Theatre Lab :

8 week introduction
Begins 19th April 2023
6.30 – 9pm

Studio 33 (Hex & Gym)
Dartington Hall
Park Rd, Dartington

Early Bird (book before 5th April): £195

Regular Price : £240

What others are saying.

Words from past participants of Theatre of the Wild

Theatre of the Wild, for me, has been a sumptuous journey, like venturing into a wildwood following previously hidden paths. I have been amazed, scared and uplifted. I even encountered a wolf (and survived).

Kate is a wonderful teacher, she holds the group with such exuberant expertise and encouragement, pushing us to discover strange, magical places.

It’s been so wonderful for dreaming into the idea of performance and I hope has helped me unearth some hidden voices.  

Emma : UK

“One of the amazing consequences of Theatre of the Wild is that I’ve been more able to own aspects of myself that were repressed and so therefore they are now not leaking out into my relationships. I feel more empowered and a deeper sense of freedom because of the 8 week process”

Anon : UK

“I particularly like the wild of the Theatre of the Wild. Learning to trust in the process, the intuitive unravelling of the story, the spontaneous and creative interpretation of the present.

I am definitely pushing myself beyond my comfort zone and Kate is gently accompanying the process”.

Ione : UK

“Coming back into performance again after diverting my attention away, I’ve reconnected with that part of myself within a held container and for that I’m deeply grateful”


Anon : UK

“I stepped into theatre and found my courage. Courage to show myself, and in that I feel more free to be who I am. There is a sense of no more hiding. I am deeply in love with the part of me i have found here, and forever grateful to have had the opportunity to give her a stage and voice for the first time. Thank you.”

Amy : UK

“I was looking for an alternative to the restrictive theatre styles I had encountered before. I was looking for freedom whilst simultaneously having structure.

Unearthing my own creational life force energy and bringing that into character has allowed me to express myself in ways been deeply transformational.

The methodology also deeply connects me to nature. I venture out into the wild everyday with deeper meaning and focus.

I love the structure and discipline. It’s for those who want to express themselves and not have to fit into a box. I couldn’t recommend it enough for those who are looking for something different”.

Philomena : UK