Elemental Eros : for Men

Tending the fire of your Soul for a revolution in Love

For men who want to remember their roots, then walk as the wild force of nature that they are

Welcome to Elemental Eros

We will gather for 9 live mentorship calls
+ Opening & Closing Ceremonies
+ Optional 5-day co-ed Retreat  

“Oh, what a catastrophe, what a maiming of love when it was made personal, merely personal feeling. This is what is the matter with us: we are bleeding at the roots because we are cut off from the earth and sun and stars. Love has become a grinning mockery because, poor blossom, we plucked it from its stem on the Tree of Life and expected it to keep on blooming in our civilised vase on the table.”

― D.H. Lawrence


Love isn’t meant to live in a civilised vase on the table.

Love is wild.

Love is fierce.

Love is tender.

Love is dear. 

Love is somewhat an uncharted mystery. The only research we have into the true nature of love is the word of the poets, mystics and prophets. Love is a divine experience. Yet, without any relationship to the divine, us humans do a great disservice to the act of love, by trying to wield that force into the four walls of civilisation.

“The planet is not actually suffering from either an environmental crisis or an economic one. Instead, it could be that the Earth is currently suffering from a shortage of our love.”


A crisis of love

Could it be that the crisis we are facing is, as Weber says, not an environmental or an economic crisis, but a crisis of love?

Could it be that what we need is to turn towards the wild and usher back the long lost imprint of love’s true expression so that we can in fact return heaven here on earth and ignite the great remembering?

Beyond the social construct of who we had to forge ourselves to be, lives a wilder version of ourselves. This wild self is constantly trying to awaken you. That wilder self knows and longs for the true deepest and true expression of your love in this lifetime.  

By going into the needle eye of your soul’s river-filled longings and darkest hidden desires, we enter into the mythical and mystical landscape, the life of your true creational expression and power. 

The Eros of our lives is the secret that lives just underneath the appearance of things, and it is the hidden driving force for all of creation.

Our Eros is the most tender, vulnerable and fierce part of us that is often locked away deep down in a dungeon because somewhere along the way we learnt that we must hide that truth in order to stay safe.


That force is what is needed for our personal and collective liberation. Unleashed, that force will create the world anew. 

Beyond the cultural conception of love there is a deeper expression wanting to be known. The love that lives within the Soul is the love that transforms. It’s a love that expands out to reach the stars, allowing for the full embrace of love from the personal to the transpersonal.

To bring the love of the divine into our human experience is the true spiritual quest.

It’s the quest that shapes us into being fully ensouled beings, writhing with the wildness of Earth. With a love that large we can’t but help do service to the great unfolding just by our way of being. 

To know this love we have to come to know our own soul. And then we have to risk expressing what we carry on the inside so that the world can hear our true song.

To become the expression of the poem you carry on the inside is the deepest service of love and devotion you can live in this lifetime. 


We’ll engage in :

↝ Nature Connection
↝ Experimental Theatre
↝ Dance
↝ Expressive Arts
↝ Writing
↝ Shadow Work
↝ And much, much more

“Express yourself.
Don’t repress yourself


Practical Information:

Join us for 5 days in the wilds of Dartmoor for a revolution in love

June 2022

 Brimpt’s Farm, Devon
Mixed gender

Please email with any questions you might have.

What others are saying.

Words from past participants of our offerings

Theatre of the Wild, for me, has been a sumptuous journey, like venturing into a wildwood following previously hidden paths. I have been amazed, scared and uplifted. I even encountered a wolf (and survived).

Kate is a wonderful teacher, she holds the group with such exuberant expertise and encouragement, pushing us to discover strange, magical places.

It’s been so wonderful for dreaming into the idea of performance and I hope has helped me unearth some hidden voices.  

Emma : UK

“I particularly like the wild of the Theatre of the Wild. Learning to trust in the process, the intuitive unravelling of the story, the spontaneous and creative interpretation of the present.

I am definitely pushing myself beyond my comfort zone and Kate is gently accompanying the process”.

Ione : UK

“I was looking for an alternative to the restrictive theatre styles I had encountered before. I was looking for freedom whilst simultaneously having structure.

Unearthing my own creational life force energy and bringing that into character has allowed me to express myself in ways been deeply transformational.

The methodology also deeply connects me to nature. I venture out into the wild everyday with deeper meaning and focus.

I love the structure and discipline. It’s for those who want to express themselves and not have to fit into a box. I couldn’t recommend it enough for those who are looking for something different”.

Philomena : UK