The True Nature of the Erotic

May 3, 2022
Kate Joyner

Over the past years, on my journey of feminine awakening and all things Soul, I’ve written a fair few pieces of prose about the nature of the erotic. 

The subject has stalked me like a long lost lover, mainly because she is a long lost lover. The models we have of the erotic in our mainstream culture are, well, distorted. 

What I’ve been shown is that if our eroticism is cut off from our connection to earth, there’s a distortion. The erotic is life force, it’s earth energy. It’s the power of the natural world, the soul world. 

Since our mainstream culture lives in permanent disconnection from the natural world, our eroticism has been reduced to a kind of ego-centric expression, where objectification and gratification become the main pursuit, which in turn mirrors how the culture is in relationship with the earth herself.  

When we embark on the journey to Soul we naturally begin to embrace the magnificence of the natural world; and, in so doing, open our cells to a kind of ECO-EROTICISM, that is deeply connected to the wild world. 

This kind of eroticism allows us to embrace the wild within and without and step into the biggest expression of love possible. We fall into a wild love affair with life itself..

Since our disconnection from the natural world, our search for the erotic has been reduced to the embrace of lovers and whilst that is one expression of eroticism, it isn’t the whole picture.

Eco-eroticsim goes beyond the confines and heavily-weighted expectations of romantic relationships and connects us with both the personal and transpersonal aspects of this life force. 

When we plug into this life force, our existence becomes a walking ceremony, enlivened with the pulse of life itself. 


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