A School for the Lost Art of the Feminine


Initiatory Journeys for the Reclamation of your Elemental Feminine Essence

The Dancing Serpent Mystery School is an alchemical laboratory for the awakening of your Soul. An invitation for you to free fall into the largest, most expansive love affair you can conjure with Self, Other, Earth and The Great Mystery, in this lifetime.

We court the pulse of Eros within every cell of your being for the unfolding of the fullest and deepest expression of your Feminine Soul.  Rooted between earth and sky we engage in Deep Nature Connection, Ceremony, Experimental Theatre and Dance. Our alchemical journeys will transform your orientation to the world and your participation within the web of creation, for a culture rooted in the depths of your awakened and embodied love.   

 ↝ Do you feel in your body a coiling of desire to express yourself in ways that bring you to the trembling edge of your innermost truth?

↝ Do you dare to lift the veils of your own beauty emerging at long last from the eternal grip of your hiding?

↝ Do you long to hold the golden key to your own inner medicine woman?

↝ To reclaim your magic and know your power as woman?


The 3 Spiral Alchemical Journey to the Depths of Your Feminine Magic

SPIRAL 1 : FOUNDATION – 5 Month Online + Retreat in Crete

SPIRAL 2 : DESCENT – Online + 3 weekends + Vision Quest

SPIRAL 3 : ENACTMENT – Online + 3 weekends + Performance

Join the next SPIRAL 1 : March 2021

A Primordial Journey of Feminine Initiation through Nature and Body


↝ Do you yearn to enter into intimate relationship with the mystical wisdom of the natural world, so that you co-create with the intelligence of nature and cultivate a life infused with the mysteries of the wild?

↝ Do you hunger to reclaim the ancient and primordial blueprints of the lost Feminine arts so you can be initiated into the poetics of your Mytho-Erotic essence as woman?


Would you like to dip you toes in the water before committing?

This introductory class is where you can come and taste if this journey is right for you. 

Join the next INTRODUCTION: FEB 2021

A Dance that will bring you home to the inner wellspring of your Feminine Eros. 


Unleash your erotic life force and fall into the most magical and rapturous romance of your lifetime

At Dancing Serpent Mystery School, we are committed to guiding you through the moonlit journey of Feminine Initiation so you can remember the deep rooted essence of your woman: Your Feminine Eros.

A woman’s creative and sexual life force energy is the primal expression of her feminine essence, her unabashed eros and her ignited love. For centuries women have been divorced from the true expression of their innate Eros. Our life affirming power to love and create was buried deep underground in order to survive.

As a result we see a culture devoid of the poetics of living. A world where we’ve normalised the pillaging of Earth’s resources, injustices, genocide and abuse. We live in grey boxes, confined by rules, regulations and schedules that deny our bodies’ natural rhythms. We’ve become domesticated and conditioned to a life that lacks true ecstasy, graciousness, wildness and intimacy with Self, Other and The Animas Mundi (The Soul of the World).

At Dancing Serpent we dare to traverse the border of your everyday reality and wander into the liminal space of the moonlit forest where the mysteries of your soul and the world soul await. There you’ll awaken your sensual body to the mysteries of Earth, reclaim your deep rooted gifts as woman and awaken the boldest expression of your creative essence that is longing to pour forth into a world that has lost its way.

A woman impregnated with the fullness of her Eros is the antidotal medicine for our troubled times.

You, embodied in your Feminine Eros, will change the world.

This is your invitation for a courtship with creation… a romance that will set the world on holy fire.


Unleash your elemental expression through the exploration of Theatre and the mysteries of Earth.  


An alchemical laboratory for the creative expression of your Soul 


What others are saying.

Words from past participants of the Dancing Serpent Mystery School offerings.

I feel like I moved my feminine from the margins to the core of my being in just a few days.

Rachael - UK

As I continue my journeys guided by Kate, with her impeccable attention to detail, she nudges me ever closer to finding my own unique enactments of the art of the feminine.

Ruth - Ireland

“I feel the power and scope of my medicine woman and my erotic lover like a brand new revolution (in its etymological sense): a return to the origins, to the initial raw spark and purity. I also apprehend the whole of me as an embodied flow of feminine and masculine like never before. Thank you!!!”

Sophie - Ireland

At the Elemental Eros Retreat I could open a door to the space within myself that holds the true treasures of (my) life: freedom, vulnerability, the ability to feel, strength, courage and lust for life. It was a journey discovering what is important to me, what really matters and what is worth standing for. It was inspiring and encouraging to be on this journey with sisters, feeling loved and held and celebrated. We had so much fun going wild together.

Katha - Germany