As a modern-day mystery school we are devoted to opening the portals to the eternal wellspring of your Eros, where your deepest creative love force resides

Our Vision

Within the hidden chamber of your soul lies the whisper of your deepest poetry. She speaks in rhythm, rhyme and riddle. She is the voice of earth wanting to express through. She is the voice of your timeless and ancient longing wanting to become you. 

For centuries the temple of the feminine has laid in ruins. The feminine aspect of all beings has been desecrated leaving an empty and hollow chamber within the core of our human experience. 

Without the feminine we are disconnected from the polarity that holds the life-affirming creational essence of love, beauty, grace. We are also divorced from the primal, dark and deep mysteries that connect us to the poetics of living a meaningful and soulful life.

At Dancing Serpent Mystery School we are devoted to the remembrance of the lost art of the feminine by guiding experiential journeys that will awaken your Feminine Eros from the sleep of deadly forgetting.

Through nature and body we seek to heal the divide between spirit and matter, cultivate an initiated and embodied erotic ecology that awakens each soul to the potency of their creational life force. By welcoming back the exiled parts of your feminine eros you reweave your ancient medicine into the web of creation in service of a culture rooted in the ecstasy and power of your embodied love.

Our Methodology

By descending down into the fertile terrain of flesh and earth we will reclaim the lost blueprint of the feminine mysteries.

Tending both the inner (body) and outer (earth) temple we tap into the wellspring of your feminine eros, where your aching longing, your unabashed desire, your creative potency and the expression of your inner most poetry resides.

Here will we reclaim the erotics of soulful living, embedded with the matrix of earth’s dream for a passion-filled and an eros-driven romance with life. 


By repairing our instinct, we activate a knowing beyond the confines of the egoic mind. When we awaken to the primordial and timeless realm of our soul we align with the part of us that is animal, deeply embedded in the mysteries of the natural world. We are not separate from nature. We are a part of her. When we strip the layers that keep us cut off from the sensual wonder of the world, we find our way back to our true inheritance. From that place we are free to stand in the truth of who we truly are so that the deep medicine and the primordial expression of your feminine wild can pour forth.

The one who knows how to feel, dream and speak for the Earth is the antidotal medicine for our troubled times.

Reweaving ourselves back into the matrix of creation fuels us with a deep and timeless love. It’s the love that never leaves. The love that is our birthright. The love force that has the potential to change the world.

Awakening and Embodying our Feminine Eros:


Dispelling the stories of fear and shame that keep you in perpetual hiding, so that you can be free to express the depths of your love.


Establish a deep intinamcy with the innate beauty and wisdom of the inner and outer wild for the fullest experince of the erotics of living.


Establish a profoundly life changing relationship with the well that never runs dry – the source of your sexual and creative life force within. Sourced in a love that ripples out into your relationship with Self, Other, Earth and The Great Mystery.


Feel satiated, full, free and deeply rooted in your true belonging and freedom to express the depths at your core.

↝ POWER : 

Become a beacon for change in the world by embracing the medicine hidden within the tender vulnerability of what you most love.

The Journey

Elemental Eros is a 3 Spiral Alchemical Journey to the depths of your Feminine Magic. Each spiral deepens you into your rooted belonging within the web of creation. 

Spiral 1 : Foundation : Journey to Self

A Primordial Journey of Feminine Initiation through Nature and Body. 

During the 5 month Online & 5 day Retreat in Crete we will remember the original blueprint of the feminine by turning towards the 4 directions of the natural world and ushering her primordial vibration back into every cell of your awakening body.

We will remember the frequency of love in all of her four expressions, nurturing, fierce, erotic, magical and then come home to the self-regulating core at the centre of your Psyche.

We will learn the potent alchemical art of self healing, identify where we are trapped in the the too small stories of our lives and cultivate the resources necessary to step into the largest love affair you can conjure in this life time, one where the true essence of your feminine soul can have her fullest expression. 

This is the journey of the 1st spiral. Consider this a Journey to Self. The journey to your wholeness. A laying of the fundamental foundation for the depths of the journey ahead. 

“SELF:  The Archetype of Wholeness and the regulating Centre of the Psyche. The unification of consciousness and unconsciousness.” — Carl Jung

Spiral 2 : The Mytho-Erotic Descent to the Underworld

For those who have completed Spiral 1 – By invitation only.

The journey to the underworld is perhaps one of the most psycho-spiritually advanced journeys we can make during the course of our lives. The feminine lives in the darkness. In the lunar. And in yet in a culture that favors the light, there is little reference of the spiritual journey done in the fertile terrain of the underworld. 

No one chooses the descent. The descent chooses you. You are called there. Called to let go, to surrender all that you’ve known, to die to the old way of being and free fall into the mysterious void of the underworld.

Deep in the mysteries of Earth, your Shadow and your Core Vulnerability is where you deep magic resides. There you will be reforged into the shape of Earth’s longing for you.

We will go through the needle eye of your core vulnerability to seek the gift and treasures that await in depths of the dark underbelly of your Soul.

Within the wound, there is a medicine so profound it holds the key to your soul essence. Here we do the alchemical work of turning lead to gold.

Moving from the pathological to the mythological weaving of how your particular vulnerability dances within the web of creation, your core wound will be revealed as sacred, as medicine, for you and for the world. 

4 day Vision Quest is a part of this Spiral.  

“SOUL: The unique ecological place you were born to inhabit.” — Bill Plotkin

Spiral 3 : Enactment : Journey to Artistry

For those who have completed Spiral 1 & 2 – By invitation only

Over the course of this final spiral we will go about crafting what you found in the underworld into a piece of creation magic, through the art of theatre. By deepening your connection with land and body, we will find a way to track and allow the deep poetry of your Soul to find her full expression.  

By tracking the thread of what brings you most alive, and unleashing the poetic whispers from within, we unravel the deep myth from your hidden depths. Entering into a conversation such as this one, is one of the most intimate romances you can conjure in this lifetime.

By embarking on this experiential revelatory exploration into your creative self, the deep Eros of your soul expression will be unearthed so that you can pour forth your inner most elixir as medicine for our dying world. 

Here you’ll become embodied in the fullness of your love force. To become your poetry is to become deeply embedded in the erotics of life. Some might say, it’s to become Earth herself. 

 “ARTIST: A person engaging their genius to bring forth never seen before acts of magic from the depths of their Soul, in service of reimagining a world rooted in the deep myth of creation itself.” — Kate Joyner

“Deep, profound, magical and shaking work with the psyche and body. Day and night intense process that helped me to step deeply inside myself, into my power and my soul’s longings.

I have loved every minute of this wild dance, this wild circle”.

— Ksenia

Our Alchemical Journeys

This is your invitation for a courtship with creation,

a romance that will set the world on holy fire


The 3 Spiral Alchemical Journey to the Depths of Your Feminine Magic


Join the next SPIRAL 1 : March 2023

A Primordial Journey of Feminine Initiation through Nature and Body



Join the next INTRODUCTION: January 2023

A Dance that will bring you home to the inner well spring of your Feminine Eros. 



Join the next term: January 2023

Kate offers weekly Theatre of The Wild Classes in Devon. These classes are for all genders and include an optional end of term performance to the public.