November 29, 2021
Kate Joyner

The wild is there. Looking now with frightened and furious eyes as the trees fall, the fires burn, we kill off its kin, wondering when and IF we are going to REMEMBER. 

If we are to leave any sort of inheritance for our grandchildren, we have to recall from the deep marrow of body and Earth, that we are not separate from this wild.

If you are one of the ones who carries the nearly extinct scent of a beloved union in the musk of your hair, the voyage to your Soul is yours to take.

We have to come home to nature’s way, to enshrine the primordial imprint of love in every cell of our bodies so that our brief walk upon Earth becomes a romance with the miracle of creation itself.

If you, maiden of the wild, have been chosen to experience the full potential of your aliveness in this lifetime, then this journey will make you the wild bride.

This eternal, ancient form of reverence runs deep.

Our relationship with Nature is the earliest of romances.

It’s the love affair that never leaves.

As you awaken from a century-old slumber of deadly forgetting I can promise you three things:

  1. You will fall in love with the intoxicating beauty of Earth.
  2. You will be plummeted inevitably to her chthonic depths.
  3. If you let yourself fall, you will encounter the wellspring of your Soul and drink from the source of the deepest love possible.

This kind of love isn’t for everyone.

If you want bon-bons and pink fluffy pillows, then it’s probably best that you turn away.

But if you are courageous enough to fall so insanely in love, there within her darkness, you will encounter your Soul. You will see your true and wild nature for the very first time.

And finally after all these years, centuries, lifetimes of separation, the agony of living so far away from love’s deepest pool will cease.

Like long lost lovers, you will drink from Earth’s wellspring and your life, my love, will never be how it once was.

The consequence of a Beloved Union is none other than Earth’s child. From the crack of your Soul, the myth that makes meaning of your existence will be birthed.

You’ll be blessed, and burdened, with visionary sight. This heroic reclamation of love between your Soul and Earth’s Soul will deliver you unto yourself.

The Journey to Soul is the most revolutionary act of magic you can enact in your fleeting incarnation.

It’s THIS journey of remembrance that will bring you to your deepest magic.

So I bring you news of this ancient tale because I’ve been drunk on her pool for some time now.

Once you have sourced such magic, you too, like me, will be called to create anew in alignment with Earth’s ferocious beat.

With terror and delight I declare that it’s MY deepest service to stand as a bell ringer for this remembrance in service of Earth.

My Soul came here to guide the Souls that are ready for the Beloved Mythical Union. It’s not too late. But the call is now crucial.

The evidence is clear. We have come so far away from our union with Earth. She has been waiting for us to remember and we are now all being haunted by the increasingly urgent ticking of her geological clock.

Must it be that our awakening comes from our own destruction? Or will we ourselves choose to dismantle the cemented walls of a numbed existence that keep us locked away from this mythical and rooted romance? 




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