The necessity of Eros for our dying world

December 10, 2021
Kate Joyner

“The planet is not actually suffering from either an environmental crisis or an economic one. Instead, it could be that the Earth is currently suffering from a shortage of our love.”

Andreas Webber – Matter and Desire

We are currently suffering a crisis of love. 

If we are awake to the brutal horrors of our current worldly affair, it feels safe to say that we are suffering from a dysfunction of what it means to be in right relationship with life. The disconnect from the elemental feminine qualities, such as our capacity to create healthy relationships, connection and intimacy, have us suffering from the most colossal spell of brainwashed disconnection. 

Disconnected from Self, Soul, Earth, and Other, our primal sense of belonging is left beggared from the fullest and healthiest co-creational love affair with life. Looking outside of ourselves to fill the empty hole, this disconnect has us cut off from the source of our own LOVE. 

In this disconnection we have lost our way with LOVE.

The essence of the Feminine Soul has been driven so far underground we are cut off from the source. But worse than that, this honey-dripping essence is so buried, we don’t even know it’s there.  

And yet this force of life is archetypal. Left to fester in the shadow it claims its power and finds its expression in distorted dysfunctional ways. Over-sexualization, pornography, rape, sex cults and trafficking, the list goes on. 

Our culture and our internal conditioning keep us far away from the Feminine Soul Essence made manifest. Even though our longing for intimate connection is at the core of our deepest desire as human beings walking on the planet, the essence that makes that possible is hidden so far underground that we live cut off from the source. 

It’s imperative now that the ones who carry the ache of long lost love come back in to right relationship with the medicine they carry. To walk in full embodied remembrance as carriers of the dripping elixir we are all hungry for. 

Stored with our the Feminine Soul Essence is the medicine that will heal our current state of affairs, ie. the deepest heartbreak fathomable.

Women connected to the source of their Feminine Essence will literally change the world. 

Loving is a sacred act. It’s a holy act. We mustn’t diminish loving to just the personal, loving is a wildly transpersonal affair. By ‘transpersonal’ I mean that which is beyond our caged sense of identity. The magnitude of our love has to be sourced beyond our ‘personal’ ego. 

To create deep human connection, the thing we all long for, the things that make our human existence meaningful, we have to plug into the source of our love, way beyond the mere mortal. 

There is such a compensatory fixation in our culture on sex and relationships. And whilst they are necessary and fundamental alchemical vessels for the forging of our relationship to Eros, to be able to do relationship well, and to have the depths of unifying sex we long for, we first need to plug into the source. We need to discover the wellspring of love we have within and in relationship to the natural world IN ORDER TO LOVE IN OUR FULLNESS.

When a woman is ready for this kind of love (and a woman must be ready for this kind of love), love beyond the small-s self, she opens herself to become a vessel. She knows she is not in control anymore. She submits to forces way beyond who she thought she was so that she can be forged into how love wants to come through her. 

There will come a time on a woman’s journey when she know she is being called to know this kind of love. When she has become tired of her own stories, when all of the ways she has known to love have brought her to dead ends, when there is nowhere else to turn, she will know that it’s time to descend to the Source. 

This Journey of Initiation has hot-iron wielded me into the Deep Feminine remembrance of a Love way beyond the too-small story. The small self story of my inherited and conditioned feminine make-up was handed over to the Queen of the Underworld in one of the most sado-masochistic remakes of my life. 

Down in the depths, where there was nothing left to hold onto, I have come to know the source of the deepest love possible. There, in my mythical terrain of the dark forest of Feminine Initiation, I have drunk the sweet honey medicine from the darkest of pool and reclaimed as my own, the banished feminine essence of EROS.

Most women don’t want to go to the bottom because it means losing. Losing control, losing identity, losing yourself. And yet if we can allow this, this is the art of feminine power: in our vulnerability, in our willingness to be taken. To surrender, to submit to forces much bigger and larger than ourselves. 

But unless we are willing to descend into the underworld we will never source our power, which paradoxically lies in being taken. Our power comes from our powerlessness. To be forged by something greater than our personal sense of self. WE get to be wielded by the Mystery at play. 

Once we’ve descended, we become a cracked open vessel for love. And once we’ve fully laid ourselves on the altar of love, it’s from there we are truly free to be in relationship in the largest sense possible.

Way beyond the mere winged love of angels, where we float on the clouds of fantasy and transcendence, this initiation will bridge the gap between heaven and earth and have you embodied in the flesh-dripping nectar of ecstasy. Love made incarnate is the holy land of EROS.

A love this large and wild taps us, mere humans, into the web of creation itself, plugging us into the place of our true belonging. We become a part of Earth’s Erotic Ecology. Humming with the primordial song of life, we emanate the memory of love’s embrace. When we know ourselves from that depth, there is nothing that can uproot your love.  

We have to embrace and cultivate a psyche the size of the earth if we want to come into alignment with the force and fullness of our capacity to love. To bring back the feminine essence, to restore her to her rightful place on earth, we need to embrace a love that’s sourced from the magnitude of the wild world.

From there and only there can we have the relationship in depth and breadth that we truly long for.   



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