For the China within…

January 5, 2023
Kate Joyner

A few months ago, I shared a post about desire and devotion. In there, I wrote that desire without devotion is like a bull in a china shop. As I was re-reading it, the muse whispered to me, ‘speak to them about the china in the shop’.

So I’d just like you to imagine for a minute, sipping your tea from a very delicate cup. The poise, the posture, the taste, the ambience, the experience. The china has a delicacy to it that requires our care. When you reach deep within the soul, this is also true of our human nature. 

We humans are delicate and breakable. Experiences can literally shatter our souls and one of the main places this gets acted out is in the arena of relating. 

It seems to me, looking out to the current relational world, there is an absence of awareness of the china that we carry within and the damage that can be caused by the rampant bull of desire without devotion. 

It’s very easy to override china in our modern consumption-driven world where, if one breaks, you just get another. But the china within is the holy breakable that once smashed can only be put back together with a glue that leaves a mark.

We get scarred in love, the china breaks. It’s inevitable.

But those breaks can be done with the utter-most respect when we are tapped into devotion and the nature of the china within. 

When acting on our desires, it’s imperative that we hold the bull in one hand and the china in the other. Somewhere in the middle of these forces is a meeting of our primordial animal nature and our divine higher self. So inhabiting the middle is the expression of an integrated human being.

When desire and devotion come together, the bull and the china merge, there is a meeting in the heart. The true alchemy of love. Which is what desire really wants to awaken us to and what devotion wants us to embody. Somewhere in the alchemy of the heart is the win-win, not needing to deny our primality for our divinity or vice versa but where they become one.

And that, my people, is the world I want to live within. As above, so below. .

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