Love is a Divine Experience

February 3, 2023
Kate Joyner

Love is a divine experience. A gift from the Gods. To experience the heart is a mystical affair with a force that is way beyond our comprehension. Love operates on a whole other frequency than our rational cognition. It’s a shamanic otherworldly dance with the unseen. To love, what an unfathomable mystery.

To love well, is to know that we are being moved beyond, often, our own egoic preference. We all want love, but the truth is, not all are ready to receive love when it comes a’knocking. 

If we love from the confines of our egoic preference, then love becomes small, dependent and restricted. When overlay our understanding onto love we confine it, we do a disservice to the mystery that love comes from.

Love is meant to initiate us. It’s meant to crack us to a deeper depth than we have known before. It’s designed to take us out of the box. To shape us into some version of ourselves that would have been untouched if it were not for love’s true kiss. 

Our willingness to surrender to the cosmic force is part of our human-making task. I see far too many people sitting alone in bars, having resisted the wild ride of love, for fear of what it will do to them.

It’s understandable, but also tragic. To have not risked the opening of your heart in this lifetime, I feel, is one of the greatest losses we can endure. 

Love will obliterate you. It will take you beyond what you’ve known and deliver you to the gate of both heaven and hell, because only when we integrate the up and down can we extend to our fullness. Love wants to give you wings and sometimes it will need to drag you through the dirt to find them.

Our incapacity to meet the underworld, we can often steer clear of what lies in our basement, but there in the dark are the true gifts of love. There in the underbelly of love is the source of our enlightenment and power. Love wants us to become whole and we can’t do that if we are not willing to embrace the dark. 

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