Living in Ecstasy : the Fullness of our Love

November 15, 2022
Kate Joyner

To come into the fullness of our love as women we need to remember, in every cell of our beings, our rootedness within the web of creation. We need to remember our place, our belonging, just not as cognition but as a full bodied knowing.

Our current world order has us disconnected from the web and as a result we live divorced from the mother ground that allows us to enter into deep states of surrender and trust, where we can co-create with the magnitude of the love force available to us right here in our bodies.

The web of creation wants us to express and live our love. We have to remove generations of defence, programming, conditioning and heal so much trauma from the disconnection that not all women will come to know the innate ecstasy of their bodies in this lifetime.

The journey is long and requires our innermost devotion. 

But there is a band of women who are propelled to embody love in this lifetime. They are the ones whose longing is great and whose yearning drives them. The subterranean force of the feminine in and of itself requires a nuanced and delicate navigation of this uncharted territory, because our longing and yearning (the core of our desire) can be a force that destroys us into a disempowered, disenfranchised, unconscious version of ourselves, or it can be the making of us.

With the right tools, practices and navigation, our longing literally has the capacity to return us all the way home to love. We have to create a certain inner foundation that allows for the full capacity of this feeling to come through us. We have to know how to tend and wield the almighty force that wants to lead us home to the arms of the beloved. 

This has been my journey over the last 10 years. I’ve walked through the fires of my own desires, until I became the embodiment of what I carry on the inside: my soul. 

I lived in the aching gap of longing long enough that in the end I became my longing. And that force is what turns me on to the whole web of life. It’s literally the force that magnetises life towards the ultimate union.

And when we arrive at the destination of what we most longed for, the ecstasy is real.

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