The Ways we Sabotage Devotional Love

June 22, 2023
Kate Joyner

We all want a love that awakens us to our most infinite potential and deepest ecstasy, but very few of us know how to cultivate a love that’s devotional by nature.

The common narrative is that we will experience love when we get into a relationship; and whilst that is one area where we can experience devotional love, it’s not the only one.

Love and consciousness are available to us in every moment and in every breath.

Your experience of love is amplified in relationship, 1000%. However, if you are not rooted in love and consciousness at your core then your human condition will sabotage the divine experience of love you experience with another.

It’s your human-making task to practise amplifying love and consciousness in all areas of your life: from the way you love Yourself, Another, The Earth and The Great Mystery.

These are the 4 pillars of Devotional Love that we explore at Dancing Serpent.

What stops us experiencing the multi-dimensional nature of Love in all areas of our lives?

Our patterns, our attachment injury, our wounds, our traumas.

Our loss of connection to the natural world is one of the greatest underlying traumas that exists within the human psyche.

Rather than being embodied creators with the web of creation, we live in a state of separation.

This separation exists at the primal level of our existence.

The separation from the natural world, the truth of our hearts and the depths of our Souls, has us perpetuating a mentality of fragmentation where most of our dis-eases, neuroses and mental health challenges stem from.

To rewire your whole psyche and system to live from the heart, where the flow of love and consciousness are available to you in every moment, is to root into your true inheritance.

Your aliveness, vitality and life force that makes life literally, WONDER-FULL.

To welcome the deep Eros of Devotional Love is to open the doors to a whole new paradigm.

Are you ready?

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