Intimacy with Life : It’s a Magical Heart Affair

June 26, 2023
Kate Joyner

Coming home to the heart and living from the truth that resides there is the ultimate intimacy with life.

To live from the heart is to find home. 

It takes a lot of courage to come into relationship with the depths of your heart. Often there are layers of armouring, protection and defence that you create around your heart in order to avoid the inevitable vulnerability that awaits you there. 

Your heart is the place where your inner child resides. Your inner child holds the keys to your deepest wounds and also your deepest magic. You were born magical, from the stars; a gift to this earth. 

It’s part of the divine human design : within the place of our magic is also our deepest vulnerability. 

On the journey to reclaiming your magic you have to meet the place where you have been wounded. Unless you do the alchemical work of healing the wound, your magic will remain hidden.

When you turn to meet the wound in your heart, with and from the source of love and consciousness, you discover resources that allow you to slowly shift the outworn strategies of protection you created in childhood, when the world couldn’t meet you in the way you needed.

In this way the journey back to the heart is a Soul Journey; a constant journey of soul retrieval. You welcome back parts of the soul that have fragmented off because it wasn’t safe to fully allow them.

To live from the heart is a constant journey of expansion to your highest frequency. Your deepest magic.

As you tend to the deep waters of your heart, you’ll come to see that what you split off from also holds your gifts to the world. 

And the world so dearly needs the gifts of your heart. 

This is the alchemical work we must enact if we are to live an ensouled life. At Dancing Serpent this is the pillar of SELF love that we tend to on your path to Sacred Union. 

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