Into the Mystery, my love…

June 21, 2023
Kate Joyner

If we are to come home to the deep truth of our hearts, then we must befriend the realm of Eros. 

I see Eros as the bottom-up regulator of our reality. The pesky guest, the wild god, the troubled rebel. The life force that is often denied because the truths of Eros rock our safety plan. 

I see Eros as a holy force that wants to awaken us to our Earth-ladened destiny. Eros is the fuel of our desire, the truth of what we are deeply and secretly yearning for. 

To live with Eros is to live with your life force fully embodied and expressed. 

To live with Eros means no more hiding. 

The Holy and Sacred Union can only come when we are UNIFIED from within. 

Connected to Earth, alive with Eros and Devoted in the Heart. 

When this is so, you become an expression of Love, Truth and Consciousness.  An embodiment of the Truth of your Heart and Soul.

In order to come into alignment with your Soul, you must wield the force of Eros with responsibility, discernment and integrity. 

To wield Eros well, we have to forge the vessels of our Souls to contain the magnitude of his love. 

In the myth of Psyche and Eros, Psyche, The Goddess of the Soul, has to undergo many trials and tribulations, laid out to her by Aphrodite, in order to win back her love, Eros. 

It is not without being forged in the fires of her own initiation that Psyche is reunited with her love, Eros. 

If we want to know true love in this lifetime then we have to go through the journey of initiation. There is no other way. 

In order to know true love we have to open to Spirit (Eros) and in order to know Spirit we have to forge a healthy Psyche (Soul) so that we can contain the Love offered to us in every breath by The Great Mystery. 

This alchemical journey is the holy and sacred marriage that takes place within the depths of each of our Souls. 

If our chalice, or Soul, is cracked, then love cannot be contained within us. Perhaps it washes over us, like a slip-slide experience but we can’t contain it, we let it slip us by and find ourselves destitute and perhaps wondering why life is so miserable.

Love is our innate and organic reality. And it’s a living breathing choice.

It’s who we came to be and what we came to experience. The cracked chalice of our soul is what keeps us in a state of perpetual disconnection, pain and suffering and living a loveless life.

If we are to reawaken to the sacred dimension of reality, then it’s essential that we go about the lovemaking task of forging our vessels so that love can pour into us. 

So that we can fill ourselves up with the orgasmic orgy that life has to offer us when we tend to our souls and plug ourselves back into the beautiful web of creation…

To know love we have to plug into source. 

Source is the great unfathomable, untameable Mystery that we are woven by. Without this connection to The Mystery we live disconnected from Eros and The Earth, Our Hearts and Our Souls. 

The more I’ve descended on this path, the more that I see that it’s not possible to share the depths of my love, that in nature is devotional to the divine, purely from my human experience or consciousness. I have had to rewire my whole system to be able to plug into source and encompass the Great Mystery.

When I do that the love of my spirit and the expression of my soul become one. I am whole and ensouled. In love. Devoted to this life.

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