Tune into the Erotic Frequency of Earth

September 25, 2023
Kate Joyner

The primordial feminine and the primordial masculine are the organic and innate principles of the natural world.

To become fully expressed as a feminine-essenced woman or a masculine-essenced man (you carry your essence at the level of Soul), it’s necessary to tap into source. 

This is typically known as resourcing.

If we want to live heaven here on earth, fulfil our destiny, and have our deepest heart cherished then we need to build an embodied relationship with the sacred dimension of reality.

The frequencies of earth and sky (love and consciousness) beyond our own conditioned or egoic understanding are available to us when we render ourselves vulnerable to the mystery (spirit) of the wild world (matter).

By learning how to commune with the mystical and mythical dimensions of reality, we cultivate a multidimensional relationship with life that opens us up to the realm of devotional love.

When feminine-essenced women and masculine-essenced men open to the primordial masculine and feminine we remember our original design. 

We are rewire from the ground up and the sky down into the truth of who we came to be.

We have inherited much trauma, conditioning and strategies around being a man or a woman, that keep us away from our true inheritance. Deep down we know we have come to live a life behind our wounds and fear.

The journey to the primordial masculine and feminine awakens you to the dance of polarity where the erotic frequency of earth is remembered as a creational dance.

The whole of creation is woven in the dance between the masculine and feminine, spiralling in sacred union. 

In order for us to live the abundance and beauty of sacred union within and without we must turn towards these primordial frequencies and let these transpersonal forces of nature shape our human expression. 

Embodied as love and consciousness, we awaken to our full potential and the deepest expression of our love.

We awaken to our power to create with life, in full participation with the web as an offering to its sacred dance of creation.

Wellspring of The Serpent Heart is a journey of courtship with the Primordial Feminine for women who want to reclaim the roots of their magic.

Path of The Blazing Deer Heart is a journey of courtship with the Primordial Masculine for men who want to awaken to their most potentized potential.

“I felt like I was in quicksand and shackled with lots of fear. Although the fear is still there, I have tools around me now. I have found more stillness inside and outside of myself that I can call upon. There is this unravelling strength. I feel enchanted and empowered, like seeds have been planted and I’m nurturing them with kindness. Before I was searching for something outside of myself to make me feel whole, now I can love myself. I’m finding who I really am.”

S. (2023 Cohort)

Women, join us on the 18th of September for a free call : The Mystical Power of the Erotic.

This is an opportunity for you to hear all about our upcoming Initiatory Journey : Awakening to Love and ask any questions you may have.

Men, join us on the 19th of September for a free call : The Mythical Power of the Sword.

This is an opportunity for you to hear all about our upcoming Initiatory Journey : Awakening to Lead and ask any questions you may have.

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