Why does Devotional Love matter?

September 13, 2023
Kate Joyner

Living beyond our conditions of love is what opens us up to Devotional Love. 

When we can love it all, every piece of our human existence, then we touch the realm of the divine.

We each carry a core wound when it comes to how we believe ourselves to be. This wound shapes our reality until we are ready to awaken and break out of the self-perpetuating prison.

The spiral of our core wound is endless, but over time, once you learn the mechanisms of your pain-body, you learn how to master your emotions. You might still get tripped into your core wound from time to time, but rather than it being a source of your pain, it becomes a source of your sensitivity, which is where your gift lies. 

Learning how to alchemise the pain-body to cultivate an emotional mastery where you are able to recognise the sensitivity hidden within your wounds is the alchemical journey and emotional tools we equip you with on our year-long programs. 

We do this because to know love, true love, we have to learn to love beyond our conditioned response and cultural programming.

When we love all of who we are, when we can hold our wounds within the field of love, it becomes possible to do that for others and for the world at large. 

Instead of moving from our conditioned egoic response we are tapped into the field of love and it’s in that field that we come to know DEVOTION.

Devotional Love is the kind of love that heals, creating beauty and magic. Devotional Love is the love that feeds the world with its invisible threads. 

Women, join us on the 18th of September for a free call : The Mystical Power of the Erotic.

This is an opportunity for you to hear all about our upcoming Initiatory Journey : Awakening to Love and ask any questions you may have.

Men, join us on the 19th of September for a free call : The Mythical Power of the Sword.

This is an opportunity for you to hear all about our upcoming Initiatory Journey : Awakening to Lead and ask any questions you may have.

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