Your Vulnerability is the Portal to Your Magic

May 27, 2024
Kate Joyner

Your Vulnerability is the Portal to your Magic

by Kate Joyner


The place where you feel the most anxiety and tension is actually the place that has all of this deep magic.

And you just very somatically had that experience of unraveling. So all of that anxiety which is just anger and grief, fear, just feeling when we give it space and allow it to move and allow it to express is actually trying to tell you something.

So there’s so much in in this, this place in your stomach that lives somatically here in your stomach, and it’s just unraveled. There’s like a whole complexity of this that is the core wound. And so as you’re delving into it and allowing it to come to life, you’re also witnessing the myth of it, it’s personal to you. And when you get triggered, it’s like, the trigger is there and then we go all the way from the personal to the mythical in that trigger. I want you to keep tracking the complexity of the personal to mythic complex.

And so perhaps, the way in which the one who is fearful of being abandoned, fearful of being too big, has deep grief about… actually has deep anger about the complacency of the world or the the mediocrity of the world. Yeah. And what is it that you that you’re sensitive to? What is it that you’re attuned to? What is it that she sees that nobody else sees? And that’s both your sensitivity and your pain point. And your vulnerability.

So as life goes on, it gives you the opportunity and you get initiated by life. Notice these places have triggers where this activates and notice what’s going on and notice what you’re seeing. Notice, start to observe the complexity of this place. So that the myth of it can really start to reveal itself to you. And to see the myth we need to go back all the way from the personal (but not bypass the personal in any way, definitely 110,000% including the personal) and also having that lens. 

And also when you get triggered or when triggers arise or maybe even just without being triggered, but you can do the Heart Alchemy practice where you’re stepping into that place so she can keep revealing and she can keep speaking, because you’re at that point now… It’s so beautiful because it’s like… because this: the way that the lifeforce is revealing its, revealing the deep, the depth of that soul already so if you keep  “Okay, I’m gonna keep listening for you, keep in the heart alchemy,” you can feel that place in the body even if you’re not triggered, you can still do the Heart Alchemy by tapping into this place which is where she lives. Stepping into her and just letting her out, inviting her to give voice.

So I love it because you’re so ripe and ready to meet like the revelations. And that’s a that’s a that’s… it brings me to tears actually. That’s a psychospiritual readiness. I can’t make you go into that place. You can’t make yourself go into that place. It just happens when it happens. And it’s perfect that you’re there right now. In this moment. It might never be as alive or as raw as it is now in this moment in time in your life. So I would suggest just give the space that you need to this place as much as you can in the next few months leading up to the vision quest, because it’s a window of the moment in time where the magic of this vulnerability is available to you.

The more that you can go in, the more will be revealed.

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