Darlings Desert

January 4, 2022
Kate Joyner


I’ve just come from the desert, where I fell down yet another hole into Earth’s aching heartbeat.

Excuse me whilst I defy consensus reality, for I have fallen so deeply in love with her, I can’t help but shout out my love of all things wild. There is no return. No blue pill can save me now.

I’m afraid I’ve become a little madder with a memory that is nearly extinct. I had to strip to come to know her touch.

As I danced under the moon in wild abandon, she told me her long lost secrets. She showed me her dream. Earth’s Dream.

There is another way. There is another way, she whispered and I screamed with primal knowing.

The passersby could only see madness, because they didn’t know that the moon also shines with the sun.

I can only but become her beacon, for I have tasted the source of her wellspring and I am drunk, in her love.

Forgive me whilst I reveal what lies on the inside without caution. For Earth let me slip into her frequency, like a silk night gown, and now I can’t help but transmit the remembering I’ve come to know in every cell of my ecstasy.

It’s a terrible revelation, for there is no place for the woman maddened by love in a world that wants to tame the full force of nature.

She said, do it anyway. Transmit my frequency. So transmit, I must.


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