Opening in Love

May 6, 2024
Kate Joyner


We are here because you have remembered something of your deep ancient feminine magic and that ancient magic is your gift to the world. And the way in which you gift it is through your transmission, through your embodiment, and then also through how you are in that embodiment. That embodiment will shape how you are and then also what you choose to do with your ancient magic.

So we are human beings, conditioned human beings, that live in a very deep spell of forgetting. And so this space is a space of remembering, it’s a space where we come and we remember, remember why we’re here and what we’re here to do, how we’re here to do it, how we’re here to give love. Essentially, this is the way in which the feminine moves, the feminine vibrates, is through how we’re gifting love, but also, you know, with responsibility and with discernment, we’re not just gifting our love away, you know, we’re not just gifting it because we have it and it’s so delicious and everybody needs it and we want to save the world and do it, you know… No, it’s not like that. It comes with: how do we become masterful? Sounds quite masculine that word, but masterful artists. How do we become artists of magic or love or transmission? That’s what we’re remembering.

And so all of these things can be happening in our lives : fear, or boyfriends, or transitions, or leaving jobs. All of these things can be happening. And our task is to let all of that happen whilst still anchoring into our magic, so that your magic is your North Star. Your magic is like the pool of devotion. Your magic is like the source of love that allows you to plug into devotion, right? So all of this and everything is happening in our beautiful human experience. Our magic is what plugs us into the sacred, which then allows us to be experiencing all of this from a place of devotion, from a place of what is love asking of me.

So as you go through this transition, as you go through the portals of fear, the boyfriends, the leaving the job, how do you do that? How do you let all of that happen around you AND sink into love, sink into magic sink into love?

And so it’s like, bringing it to consciousness, bringing awareness, this is what you’re doing. And this is what you’re here for. And this is what we’re going to be doing for the rest of the year. So that’s your devotion; is to walk the path of the sacred feminine in the face of all of the storms that are going on (fear, the boyfriend, moving, leaving the job, the massive transition…) So all of those things that are happening are just testing arenas for how well you can show up in love, and our capacity to show up in love.

It’s like how wide can we open? How wide can we open to not make the things that are happening a problem? But how wide can we expand and rest into that? All of the magic and all of the love that is around us and with us. Let us let ourselves resource and expand and open in the face of all of the things that are testing us.

I’m just kind of like orientating so you can remember, because we forget. So it’s like: “oh yeah, that’s like that’s what I’ve been touching every time I come to the dance.” We have our practices, every time you come to the dance, love body lab, time out in the natural world. All of these. Every night you go to bed and you’re dreaming, the way that the sunlight kisses your face, the way that the birdsong speaks to you. The birds are singing to you. All of these are remembering right? It’s just kind of like we’re retuning to that frequency and then our responsibility is : how do we become a transmission of our deep magic with that plug-ins to that source?

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