Exalting the Masculine for a Kingdom of Kings

July 22, 2023
Kate Joyner

So many times I hear stories from women about men. Stories that make men out to be villains, losers, no hope : snide remarks, resentful under-the-breath comments, declarations of resignation. 

There has been so much focus on the feminine in the spiritual development world over the last years: the feminine rising, feminism, having our rights, that I feel it can be quite hard to fathom the reverse effect this has on men. 

Have you ever thought that the reason why men might not be willing to express themselves is because they are scared of getting it wrong?

Just as the feminine has been suppressed, the true exalted expression of the masculine has also been denied. Men within the current programming are given two options: be the good guy and suppress your primal nature or be the bad guy and maintain your freedom but remain the villain. It’s a lose-lose scenario.  

There is wisdom in both and yet this split is not the whole picture. 

There is a middle way where the men are connected to their hearts AND their power. And therein lies the formula for the KINGS that the world (and we women) are so desperately hungry for.

In order for KINGS to be kings, there are trials and tribulations that need to be fought. No man becomes a King without a journey of initiation. 

I’m a feminine woman, immersed in the land of the feminine. There is so much reprogramming going on behind the scenes of women coming into right relationship with the masculine and this is so so needed.

As a woman whose walk is devoted to the exaltation of the masculine, what I’ve found is if the man hasn’t exalted the masculine within himself, which is to say unified his heart and his sex, then the feminine has no place to land. He won’t be able to receive her love or her oracle. He can’t receive the love he so desperately wants. Rinse and repeat, the cycle perpetuates.

As much as women need to come into their feminine power and heal their hearts in relationship to the masculine, the men also need to exalt within them the template of their true masculine essence, which like the feminine has been dormant for centuries, inhibiting their capacity for true embodied love and consciousness.


If, as a woman, you’d like to embark on the journey of feminine initiation, remember your essence, and welcome a divine love and Sacred Union then our journey begins in October.

If, as a man, you’d like to embark on the journey of masculine initiation, remember your essence as a man and welcome the divine law of Sacred Union then our journey begins in October. 

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