The Dance of Holy and Sacred Union

July 26, 2023
Kate Joyner

The spell of false programming came to destroy the sovereign nature of ALL beings, not just the feminine. We women have endured this to a more noticeable degree, both outside and inside, but men are also at the mercy of this false patriarchal conditioning which has them cut off from the deepest expression of their masculine essence.

The true masculine (like the true feminine) has been buried deep underground out of fear of perpetuating a distorted power. As a woman I had to go deep down to excavate my feminine essence from the basement. I had to face the shadow in order to meet her. Within the distortion is the true essence, but because we often don’t want to face the shadow, the essence gets locked away too. Any journey of initiation requires that we meet the shadow and turn it into gold. 

There is a lot of focus on women coming into relationship with men and it can seem that all we women have to do is love enough and the men will come through. But I’ve found that the men also need to be able to receive our love for the healing of union to do its magic and the capacity of a man to receive the love of the feminine is his journey. 

What I don’t see are spaces where men can walk through the cloud of confusion, to grapple with and uncover their true primordial masculine essence. So I created a space where they could do just that. (I found my niche)

I created a journey for the men to exalt the primordial masculine within them as a journey of remembering the holy elixir the world is hungry for.

Yes, that’s right. A journey for men. Guided by me: a woman.

I’m proud to say that I am a woman who is devoted to the sacred in the masculine. I love men with all my heart. I have a huge sword of discernment and equal depth of heart when it comes to men and the masculine.

After 12 years of walking the path of my Feminine Initiation, it has become clear to me that if men aren’t coming with us then I don’t want to go. So at the beginning of this year I created the 1st men’s journey. It was a huge success, with each man coming through in the power of his heart.

So now, I’m in the process of remodelling the school to include them. The new vision is landing. It has become clear that I am here to serve the Sacred Union between man and woman, masculine and feminine. This rings true in every inch of my heart.

Sacred Union has been the longing that has haunted me all of my life. The deep-bones desire to know a love where two souls meet, this is the kind of love I have yearned for all of my life. 

When heart and soul come together, within and in all realms, our being melts into oneness with God.

What we see in the world is a mess of relationships built on anxious and avoidant attachment and spiritual warfare between man and woman that has us perpetuating a paradigm of disconnection, abuse, and a withering of love. 

This needs to stop. 

For the health of our world, families and children, I believe that the journey to sacred union is the path that will heal the hearts of all beings, and return us once again to the realm that our hearts know is possible.

So this is what I serve.

If as a woman you’d like to embark on the journey of feminine initiation, remember your essence, and welcome a divine love and Sacred Union then our journey begins in October.

If, as a man, you’d like to embark on the journey of masculine initiation, remember your essence as a man and welcome the divine law of Sacred Union then our journey begins in October. 

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