Have you heard the Language of your Heart lately?

July 5, 2023
Kate Joyner

Under the last Full Moon in June, I was gifted a dream.

In this dream I was shown friends of mine who run an amazing ancestral skills course called “The Old Way”, here in Devon. They teach about connection to the land through foraging and ancient land skills. They were excavating the earth in search of lost traditions. They welcomed me to the scene. When I arrived there I was told “The Language of the Heart” is part of the old way, one of the lost and ancient traditions of Earth.

When I woke up, I felt a lot of emotion. 

I’ve been sitting with this dream for the last month. It’s clear I’m to decode something of the Language of the Heart. This is an attempt.

What I’ve come to see is that “The Language of the Heart” is a felt language. 

Have you noticed there is a tenderness of the heart that, when open, is the most exquisite balm and holds the most graceful frequency?

When I speak from, or when someone speaks from their heart, there is depth. It rings true. It lands in a way that the surface of words just don’t. Have you felt this?

Sadly, we live very much separate from the heart. If we hold trauma in our systems, then our hearts are often encased in layers of protection that create walls of separation between the truth that resides there and the world around us. 

It’s vulnerable to speak from your heart. It’s the deepest exposure; and yet it’s worth asking, what’s the cost of not speaking from your heart? What’s the cost of not feeling the world and letting the world feel you? The innate connection, interdependence, and revelation of truth that comes from the heart is a gift.

Have you heard the language of your heart recently? What is she saying to you? 

The way she speaks in whispers. The way she speaks truth to madness. The holy elixir of deeply feelable wisdom. The longing, the pull to what you most love. The poetry, the honey, the wonder. The ecstatic exuberance and the gentle embrace. 

I was told recently that in Hawaiian mythology the masculine principle occupies the heart. It’s where God lives. (The womb or the soul is where the feminine lives). When the heart and womb (or soul) come together, therein lies the inner marriage. 

It takes great grace to speak from the heart. It takes skill to hear the often unspoken heart of the other. It takes wisdom to hear the heartbeat of the earth. It takes trust to hear the heart of the cosmos. 

It seems that speaking from the heart is a lost tradition. Beneath the masks and the way things are meant to be, she’s there whispering unspoken love songs. 

Can you hear her?

We are committed to guiding the journey to the heart at Dancing Serpent. We believe in love first and foremost. We believe that attuning once again to the ancient language of the heart is where deep connection, the deepest magic and relationships that are secure by nature emanate from. We are devoted to this remembrance.

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