LONGING – The Unattainable Craving

June 29, 2023
Kate Joyner

Your LONGING is the magical key that opens the door to the deepest chamber of your heart.

All humans secretly yearn for something that they don’t have. This yearning is the evolutionary pull towards your own becoming. If you truly give yourself to your yearning, you say YES to your depths. You say yes to the life of your Heart and Soul. 

Your longing is what propels you on the quest to find what is missing. Within your longing is the key to deeper love than you have ever known before and it’s on the quest for what you long for that you secretly become what you are seeking.  

Quite often your longing is encased in walls of protection that create beliefs like, “yes, but I could never have that” or the common narrative of “I should just get over it”, because we don’t believe we can hold the immensity of love that we are and that is available to us.

But what if that belief is not true? What if you can have what you deeply long for? And the questions then are : Who do you become? What needs to shift in order for you to have what you’re longing for?

For the mere human condition, the depth held within your longing may be too much. 

This is why you must see the truth held with divine eyes. 

Longing is a holy elixir that emanates from deep within the Soul. 

To say yes to your longing is to say yes to the life of your Soul. 

To be ensouled is to be in alignment with Earth’s dreaming. 

To live your longing is to live into your true inheritance.

Longing is love wanting to be made manifest. 

Longing is your north star, your passion, your purpose. 

Your destiny lies within the core of your longing. 

There are layers to your longing. The pain of longing can often be rooted in our childhood wounds, where we didn’t receive what we needed.

It’s your task to meet those wounds from a field of consciousness and love, so that the true depth of your longing can be revealed. Beneath the pain there is an intelligence. 

Your task is to be able to listen to the deeper yearning beneath the pain and allow yourself to keep expanding into the larger calling of your longing.

So many of us grapple with longing in silence, shaming ourselves for this existential reckoning. There are very few containers that speak to the holy force within our longing, and yet, if we are to live an ensouled life, then we must befriend our longing as sacred.

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