I am Love

February 21, 2022
Kate Joyner

Recently, I find myself in what feels like a portal. An invitation to descend into a deeper layer of conversation with Earth and the deep mythic structure of life itself. I feel like I’m being called to go back to the origin of things. 

I found myself writing this on an application for the course I’m signing up for next year. When I sat there and wrote that it occurred to me that the origin of all things is Love itself. In the creation myths it was said that Eros was the spark of creation. That life is born from the pro-creative life force. This is enacted between man and woman in the birth of a baby but it’s also the marriage of the masculine and feminine within that allows us to step into the manifestation of our indivuatied, soul infused Self. 

This union of polarity within, the marriage of spirit and soul, delivers us to the state of innate ecstasy, the place of creation itself. Life is born from ecstasy, from orgasm. That primal thrust that seeds life into form. The comingling of seeds: the receptive seeds of the feminine penetrated by the seed of conscious action, choose each other in the subliminal dance that is nothing short of a miracle…

We pay very little attention to the state of love as an inner experience and look for it in the outer experience when really the experience of love is a co-mingling of both. The wounded child of us seeks for love on the outside as a way of validating our existence but what if the ture task is to cultivate a container so strong that love is who we become. 

Over the years, I’ve met layers of my deeper shadow that believed I wasn’t love. Then I cradled her back to existence. Now whatever life throws at me, I know that I am love, even when I’m swimming in the deepest darkness, I know that I am at my essence, love. And when I knew that, I came home.




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