Making Life Magic Again

June 14, 2023
Kate Joyner

At Dancing Serpent Mystery School, our primary mission is to provide experiential journeys that expand your embodied consciousness to embrace the multi-dimensional reality of Devotional Love. 

Love is the greatest Mystery of all, it literally moves our every step, whether we are conscious of it or not.

At Dancing Serpent we tap into the Great Mystery of Love in very practical ways, through practices that engage the body and with practices that support communion with the natural world. 

This allows you to reclaim the divine dimension of Love and weave it into your human experience. 

The divine realm of your human existence is the felt experience that connects you to The Great Mystery. When we are plugged into that Mystery, we are plugged into our most potent and full potential. We are plugged into Love.

To live in the exquisite terrain of Love it’s necessary to entrain through embodied practices that expand your capacity to hold the frequency of Devotional Love in the body. 

Without practices and frameworks that connect you to The Great Mystery, the source of Love, you’ll unknowingly perpetuate a life of separation from the source. 

We have inherited a culture of disconnect which leads to perpetual egoic suffering. Encaged in the realm of the fragmented ego, life can feel like a hollow and meaningless existence.  

To live in Love you have to reach beyond the egoic self and realise that you’re a creature of the great spiralling Mystery. There, the true nature of your multidimensional Self, which encompasses your Soul and Spirit, can awaken.

When you are separated from the spiritual dimension of reality there is a disconnect from the source that awakens us to the bounty, beauty and magic of this life.   

At Dancing Serpent our programs serve to lessen the gap and heal the divide between the sacred and the profane, the divine and the human. 

In this way we become whole, healthy but more than just our wellness, we become ensouled, which leads to a depth of connection, relationship and intimacy with life. 

We live from the depths of our hearts.

At Dancing Serpent Mystery School we open the doors to life beyond the ordinary. We offer very practical ways to bring the magic into your everyday reality. 

In so doing you will awaken a deep peace, meaning, fulfilment, grace, wonder and ecstasy within your Heart and Soul and begin to live your life as if it were a magical Love Affair once again.

We make life magic again.

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