Forging our Vessels so that Love can pour in

April 28, 2023
Kate Joyner

We live in a world of brokenness. The dominant world order is hinged on fear and fragmentation. Our culture is cracked and in turn we are conditioned into a cracked existence. We are uprooted from the very source of life and as a result we live in a perpetual state of disconnection. The vessels of our soul are cracked. 

Noone taught us how to love, cultivate soul and learn the art of deep connection. 

And yet, love, soul and deep connection are qualities that the soul in each one of us longs for because this is how nature designed us to be. We are not separate from the interwoven nature of the natural world, we have just become separate from her through our conditioning. 

In order to repair the severance we need to turn towards the natural world. In her design is the original blue print of what it means to be a fully embodied human being.

The soul is the ancient and timeless wellspring of your being that is full of vibrancy, creativity, love and ecstasy. The soul also holds our deepest truths and our most potent gifts. Whether we are in touch with the soul or not, the soul is always calling for us to awaken. The Soul will do this through great challenges and crises until we learn to listen.

When you attune to the life of your soul, you are taken into the depths of your deepest longings, and you get to live the life your heart knows is possible.

In order to be able to come into relationship with the life of our soul, you have to forge your vessel.

Your soul is the place from which you love in the truest and deepest way. And yet the vessel of your soul is cracked. In order to open to the life of our deepest love we have to forge the vessel of our soul so that we can hold and sustain a love that is as large as the cosmos. 

Maybe you, like so many others, have looked to relationships to mend your broken vessel. Whilst love in a relationship can be a great healer, if your vessel is super cracked, you may find yourself in relationships that mirror your own brokenness.

If you are terrified of being alone, you may find yourself with someone afraid to commit to being fully present with you. If you use alcohol or drugs to numb your emotions, you may find yourself with someone who also relies on them, and amplify one another’s addictive tendencies. Or if you struggle to feel heard, you may find yourself with someone who does not have the capacity to listen to you.

At a certain point it’s up to us to heal our vessels by seeking the reality of love that’s available to us, all around us. It’s up to you to become whole within yourself so that the match you attract is also whole unto themselves.

You have to plug into source within yourself so that you can share that love with another from your already full cup.

This is where the depth and magic of heart based relationships are born. Relationships that are soulful and connective. These are the kinds of relationships that shape the world anew.

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