What would life be without Love, Eros and Magic?

June 16, 2023
Kate Joyner

What would the world be without love?

Rumi, Hafez, and all of these mystical poets spoke about the existential yearning for The Beloved in their great works of poetry. 

The human journey at its fullest is all about the quest that propels us to search for The Beloved, because any fool knows that a life without love is a life that’s not worth living.

Why is The Quest for the Beloved a central human experience? 

Because being in love is the ultimate fulfilling human experience. It’s where the two worlds meet. The human and the divine.

When you follow the ancient ache within your chest, your heart expands, your expression deepens, you become more embodied in your truth, more connected to your heart, you get to the do the worldly dance of your longing, which means you become what you seek, your existence becomes more soulful, enriched, magical. 

Underneath the logos-driven madness of our culture, there is a longing to feel the depth of true love actualised. To experience the kiss of Eros.  

The yearning for your heart’s true desires to be fully actualized, realised and fulfilled is not something to be denied. 

To live from the truth of your heart is the deepest homecoming of them all.

Maybe some of you are thinking that to live a love-fueled existence is unrealistic, and you would do in a culture that is Logos-driven, which has separated us from Eros, the great God of Love himself. 

But Eros is the missing element of our mainstream culture and in order to live a meaningful, wild and passionate existence we need to remember the true nature of love, this life-force and this vitality that exists within our bodies when we are connected to the Earth.

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