Your Soul is in your Eros

August 11, 2023
Kate Joyner

The other day on a mentorship call with my women, I said to them: “YOUR SOUL IS IN YOUR SEX.” What I didn’t mean was that you have to be having sex to experience your Soul. But what I did mean was that your Soul reveals herself through your sexuality and the unique flavour of your Eros, your longing, your desire, your turn on, your turn off, your attractions, what you feel allured, by, magnetised to, your hunger, your appetite, which are all connected to the way you are erotically wired. 

Your erotic wiring, through the lens of this lineage, is the way in which you are woven by the Earth. Your Eros is your direct relationship with the Goddess, with the Earth’s frequency. It’s the bottom-up revelation of your Soul: life wanting to be made known through your underground desires.

You have an erotic blueprint; and that blueprint, for better or worse, will show you the true nature of your Soul (if you follow it and if you have the tools and the lens to court it.) Your erotic blueprint will initiate you into the life of your Soul.

To be clear, this is a journey of much responsibility and discernment. I’m not advocating acting out your Eros. The more you cultivate your sexual energy, the more you realise that it comes with great responsibility and discernment. Your Eros is your magical spiritual elixir, which needs to be treated as sacred. Your sexual essence is your spiritual essence and it needs to be wielded well.

A lot of what we see in the mainstream is a liberation of sexual energy with no connection to the sacred. This leads to a distortion. Without a spiritual dimension to our sexuality, it becomes a commodity.

It’s important to know what your values and standards are when it comes to your intimacy. Your Soul is Gold. 

But I went off on one there, as I feel it’s important we speak about discernment and how to wield your sword well.

We can often abandon ourselves in the pursuit of love only to experience devastating consequences. 

Ok, maybe I’m still off on one…

What I want to say is that our Soul is in our Eros and we feel our Eros through the things we are turned on by and want to be consumed by. We all want at our core to be obliterated into love. In this way we come to know God. This is our deepest hunger and yet this desire stays underground because it’s one mighty taboo. 

It doesn’t fit into the status quo but in the act of repressing it it leaks out in all sorts of distorted ways that keep us severed from the sacred. 

To come into full ownership of our Eros is to take responsibility for the truth of who we are. If all women were to take responsibility for their desire I believe we would have a much different world. If all men were to take responsibility for their desire the same goes. 

It’s vulnerable to reveal our souls. It’s vulnerable because it’s our deepest truth, naked exposed, no masks. 

And yet this vulnerability, the one of us who hides at the core, is our TRUTH. To live that truth is the unification of Soul and Spirit. It’s deep and holy, sacred and animal. It’s love and breath and death. 


If as a woman, you’d like to embark on the journey of feminine initiation, remember your essence, and welcome a divine love and Sacred Union then our journey begins in October.

If as a man, you’d like to embark on the journey of masculine initiation, remember your essence as a man, and welcome the divine law of Sacred Union then our journey begins in October. 

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