The Man of your Dreams does exist

September 23, 2022
Kate Joyner

The man of your dreams – yes, he does exist. 

A while ago I alluded that I was going on a date with my Beloved. I want to speak a little about what that entails, because it’s such a potent practice I want to share it with you.

First of all I want to clarify who “The Beloved” is. Some people call their human loves their ‘Beloved’, and whilst that is one aspect, the Inner Beloved is the love affair with the counterpart of our Soul. That is to say : the only one who can truly complete us. 

The Inner Beloved is forever ushering us closer to the life of our Soul, our destiny, or, as I like to call it “the deepest love affair we can conjure in this lifetime”. 

The Beloved is that ever-loving presence that brings us to the edge of our deepest and truest soul desires. Thrown in the thralls of attraction to what we most hunger for, the beloved brings out our most exuberant passions, longings and wildness. 

When we conjure a love affair with the beloved we are igniting our own internal fire. Our creative juices get stirred and divine inspiration comes online. 

He is the man of our dreams (or woman/person of your dreams depending on your orientation). Yes, he does exist. The great impoverishment of our time is that we’ve lost connection to the mythic dimensions of our reality. We’ve lost touch with the animate world, the dreaming of Earth.

We’ve forgotten how to court the deep imagination of our psyches and the soul of the world. 

So I invite you to let your deep imagination run wild and to ask it to reveal to you the man of your dreams: 

What does he look like?
What does he feel like?
What is he calling you closer to?
What would it be like if you went about feeding that relationship? 

And then go about feeding this love.
Why not go on a date? Where you go? What landscape do you find yourself in as your court this one?

Let me know how it goes…



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