The Beloved

September 30, 2022
Kate Joyner

Even though we are so far removed from the ways from soul, the soul’s primordial design does not go away. The journey to union with the Beloved is the fundamental longing of the human soul. In our disconnect from the natural state of soul, we have literalised the magic to a tragic degree. In the absence of the inner beloved, we can spend a lifetime projecting our Beloved on to real people, with tragic consequences. 

When we project our desire for divine love onto a human we can get disappointed. Attuning to the love available through our connection to the Inner Beloved is an art form. No one can love us like The Inner Beloved loves us because our human beloveds are just that: humans. They are humans with their own agendas, stories and their own beloveds. 

In the disconnect from the mythical and magical dimensions of our existence, we go around in a state of unfulfilled and perpetual longing for a sense of love and belonging that can only be found in the space beyond us. Without this connection to the mystical dimensions of life, we live in an existential abyss with a sense of “is this all there is to life?”. In a desperate attempt to get away from the pain of that void, we search for the beloved in our human relating only to be disappointed a little further down the line, because this human being can not behold the divine nature of the beloved your soul is seeking to complete itself. 

The trick is to cultivate this love affair with your Inner Beloved, to romance and be captured in rapture by the divine nature of love that already exists within the dreamscape of your own inner world. 

The trick is to fall fully in love with and to love fully, and in that rapture be drawn deep into the truth at the core of your soul. You are drawn deeper into the wellspring of your love. You are embraced and known to be the loved one herself. 

When you love like that, your outer relationships are just a mirror of the love that you have on the inside, and everything you create is a mirror of the love you have for the world.

Love is what you came for, love is what is here.

Love is who you are.  

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