Welcoming the Exiled God

August 31, 2022
Kate Joyner

Eros, the wild primal beast of passion and flame, comes to us from the wild unknown like a horse (or maybe Eros is better likened to a stallion, or even a bull in a china shop.) Our lack of understanding creates somewhat of a troublesome guest of this exiled God, and we lose sight that this force of nature is meant to open us up to magnitudes beyond our wildest beliefs.  

Hidden within our own desires is God’s calling for us: mystery trying to awaken us to the magnitude of this earthly and heavenly dance. Not just an inconvenience to the status quo or our moral code but a holy derailing of the highest kind (when we know how to wield its presence.)

Just as our own Eros is often feared for its revolutionary powers, for blasting all the untruths out of the basement, we might fear or exile our own longings, desires and attractions out of fear of what they will do to our lives. But when we look beyond our own egoic preference to the state of the larger world, perhaps the very force that could rectify some of current humanitarian dysfunction is the holy god of love himself, the very force that we have banished to the shadowlands. 

But we are largely un-schooled in the profession of Eros. Our current cultural condition has somewhat arrested its development into sheer objectification and wielding of our own wants and needs. Caught in our own egoic prison, Eros becomes a trainwreck. 

One of the things we have to do is forge ourselves as worthy vessels for the God of love to pour through us. To recognise that we are not in command and allow that divinity to come through our animal body, open our hearts and deliver us back to evil of the best kind. The kind where love blasts us from the self imposed prison of our own deadening. 

Eros, when wielded well, wants to open our hearts to love. Wants us to make fools of ourselves, run amok, destroy any sense of pride. He wants to see us full with the spirit of life, fully ensouled and embodied, living the life of  our dreams, passion and destiny. But we have to know what we are dealing with when we deal with Eros. 

The territory is not for the faint of heart.  


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