Trauma and The Feminine

July 27, 2022
Kate Joyner

The journey of feminine awakening is a vast and spiralling labyrinth that has many stages of consciousness and embodiment. One of the crucial skills of our feminine journey is learning how to integrate un-metabolised trauma. 

Our trauma activates our pain-body. A trauma response takes us away from the feminine, and yet paradoxically our trauma is a part of our feminine journey.

In order to come into our embodied love, the emanation of our feminine, we need to know how to alchemise our trauma as it’s our trauma that keeps us disconnected from love. 

The feminine is the organic frequency of love, innocence and connection to the whole web of life that we are innately born into at birth. She is our birthright. Through our conditioning, societal expectations and parental influences, we are removed from this natural state to a place of separation, mistrust and isolation, all rooted in fear.

Until we are ready to awaken to love, our fear-based response, rooted in our non-metabolised trauma, makes up our reality. It’s the operational modus of our existence. When we begin to awaken to the feminine we begin to return to our natural state of love.

On the journey to feminine remembrance,  we are forced to meet every place in us that has been divorced from love. In doing so, we are brought to differing degrees of awareness around how we have separated from the innate organic nature of love. The spectrum spans from awareness of our beliefs to the full bodied all-consuming experience of our inflamed pain-body activation.

It’s therefore crucial that we cultivate the awareness of what is our love, what is our fearful trauma response and when we get activated, it’s crucial to know how to navigate the tides of our trauma.

Left unchecked, our trauma creates our personality, which implants a permanent state of disconnection and has us perpetuating patterns that sever us from the very thing we long for: love. 

During the alchemical crucible of Elemental Eros, we first tend to the foundational piece of cultivating resources within that connect us to our innate and organic love. We anchor in the 4 directions of the natural world and pull from the wholeness of nature, activating in our own bodies the frequency of love by working with the primordial energies of nature’s design. 

This allows us to know ourselves as love. From this place we are more attuned to our pain-body activations so that when they arise, we can apply the alchemical tools that allow us to self heal. 

Just this tool in and of itself is gold. It’s alchemical magic to the psyche. It allows each woman to rewire her nervous system back to the frequency of love time and time again.

Each time we descend into a piece of our trauma and come back to love, we retrieve a piece of our lost soul. 

Over time, dedication and perseverance, our love-body becomes stronger than our pain-body. Over time, by removing brick by brick the walls of separation, we come back into our embodiment as love. We come back into the heart. We emanate a frequency that brings peace. 

Over time we come home.

And like this we heal, and as we heal, we come back to love; and from there we bring the feminine back online. We change the world. 



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