Engineering the Mystery

June 17, 2022
Kate Joyner

My partner is an engineer. I’m a mystic. In the brilliance of his mind I see his capacity to work out the mechanics of the world of the tangible. (Without his brilliance I don’t know if I’d survive in the physical)l. He’s a genius at making with the beauty of his mind. 

Being alongside him, sometimes I can feel that I don’t know anything. Then, out at dinner the other night with his ex-boss we spoke about how mysticism is the invisible work of engineering; that in order to make something you have to have imagined it first. 

And it dawned on me that to be a mystic is in some way to be an engineer of the mystery. To be a craftswoman of the mystery is a little like working in the dark. You are engineering the unseen. 

Last night I taught the deep feminine meditation dance. For one hour we spiralled our hips in a motion similar to the waves of the ocean. We moved and awoke our primordial life force energy in unison with the mystery. 

It’s a dance of complete surrender to the life force that moves us. Right at the end of the dance I felt a tension I had been holding in my body simply slip away. When we had our sharing afterwards, each woman shared something of a similar experience. 

What had moved and how it had moved felt like it was beyond the rational. But something had shifted for each of us. It was through the awakening of our eros: the frequency that connects us to the ecstatic pulse of creation, serpent energy, had rewired and uncoiled something in each of our systems so that we could align once again with a place of wholeness, surrender and ecstasy.

How this happened and why this happened is beyond my capacity to comprehend. You might call it the magic of a regulated nervous system. That primal part of us, the animal piece of us that through the intelligence of our bodies links us to all creation. So as we fell into the void, we allowed our systems to align and fall into attainment once more with the great mystery of life and love. 

And there you can touch the deep peace of living. For me there is no greater engineering move than this one.

Learn more about the Deep Feminine Meditation Dance and join the next initiation by clicking here.


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