Freedom of Expression

June 23, 2022
Kate Joyner

Time and time again I hear women speaking their longing to find freedom of expression.

I know this longing. It was also mine. This longing runs deep within the feminine soul, a longing to let loose the eternal voice we carry on the inside, releasing ourselves at long last from the prison of self-imposed hiding. 

This voice of the feminine has been locked away for centuries. Hidden under the rubble of shame and fear: fear of being persecuted, shame of not being received, for soooo long now. 

If we are to free the feminine voice from her dungeon then we must confront how those patterns of shame and fear live in us. Otherwise we are perpetually persecuting our feminine knowing; we don’t receive ourselves fully in the depths we carry on the inside.

On my vision quest in 2013 I was instructed by Great Mystery to speak the unspoken voices of the feminine. So in order to emancipate myself from the shackles of shame and fear I did a very bold thing. I went about creating poetry performances, and then enrolled in a 3 year theatre experimental theatre training in order to bring my innermost voice to the stage. 

For three years I put myself on stage. There, I would burn in the fire of my own self-imposed prison until I became free to express what I carried on the inside. I have walked myself through the fires of my own initiation as a performer and devotee of Eros. I can now truly say that I have chosen love over fear.

I won’t tell you it was easy, because liberation doesn’t get handed to you on a silver plate. It’s a path of devotion to the life you know is yours to live. To the life you carry on the inside that, perhaps, is so precious it’s never been seen before.

But if (like me) your yearning to let out what’s buried deep within becomes too much, there is no other way than to initiate yourself through the fire of creation itself. Acts of love are acts of devotion to creation and that is our deepest homecoming.

And besides our own personal reckoning journey, our world needs the voice of the feminine to come through now more than ever.



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