Evolving our Humanity : Accessing the Field of Love

April 22, 2024
Kate Joyner


What I’m hearing is the awareness and the focus on becoming more into embodiment. And in that, this capacity to feel your feelings, and allow your feelings, and tap into that way of being where you’re not needing to analyse what’s going on but you’re just allowing what’s happening. And for that to be an intelligence and wisdom of itself takes you on a journey of allowing the shame and feeling the grief and feeling the relief. That’s the whole emotional journey that has its own intelligence. It has its own wisdom. So that’s really beautiful to hear.

And, you know, the journey into embodiment is long, deep, and many, many things that we have to meet along the way, but what I’m hearing is you’re accessing that and that’s really beautiful. And I feel like you have the capacity to meet the places of seeing the pattern, and seeing shame, and then allowing yourself to feel it rather than identify with it, or need to hide it, or do a strategy around it is a testament also to the wholeness of the ego. The wholeness of your whole woman to just be able to stand in that, have awareness of what’s happening and allow it to happen. That’s such a whole woman resource. So I really hear her in in that.

And like there’s no perfection. So you have access to this resource now, you have access, you know that you’re worthy, you belong and that you’re secure. And you have that awakening in your being. And then you’re just going about your everyday and you’re noticing: “oh look my anxiety’s up” or like : “I’m falling into these patterns.” And then over time what will happen is, as you you devote yourself more and more to your practice, and holding and meeting and alchemising the parts of you that are anxious, because it’s just like, you know, when you come back into the real world, normal world or whatever, it’s not normal! It’s just like we come back into the world. There is your test and the trials and tribulations. So from the Whole Woman it’s like: “Oh thank you for triggering me” and : “Thank you for my awakening my anxiousness”. Because then you get to go back and you get to meet it.

Like, in the beginning, it’s like a lot of devotion and a lot of work. But then over time, that pattern of anxiousness or fear will just begin to feel more and more relaxed within your system. And then you’re going to be operating from a place of Deep Magic and Deep Security more and more frequently, but it does require practice and devotion. That’s the commitment to ourselves on this journey of love and consciousness in a way.

We have to meet the places in us that are in contraction and fear and are out of love, from the field of love. And you see, not everybody has access to the field of love. You do now, but most of the world doesn’t have access to the field of love. And when you have access to the field of love, you start to take on a non-dual consciousness, because anything and everything that arises it’s not good or bad or right or wrong. It’s just life presenting itself for your journey. And not everyone thinks like that. So when you start doing this work, there’s an evolution of your humanity when you have access to the field of love. And then that comes with the responsibility of that and it also means a different orientation. There’s a dying of the old self. There’s the shedding of the snakeskin and then there’s a stepping into more and more of your your truth and your magic.

That’s beautiful when you get to that point of like: “I don’t care anymore.” That is where true authenticity can really blossom from. And, you know, you take a stand for your own knowing, your own heart, your own truth. Yeah, your own values. And that’s deeply empowering.

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