God of Love

March 15, 2022
Kate Joyner

As some of you are aware, I have been called by Earth’s aching heartbeat to transmit her frequency. 

Over many moons, my depth exploration has revealed to me the true nature of Eros and it has been deep work to arrive at a place of complete shameless ownership of my own erotic nature, like ego death work. ie. freedom from the dominant cultural paradigm. 

I have become so free and welcoming of Eros, the life-giving force of nature, that sometimes I forget that there still is a lot of misconception, repulsion, even fear around the muttering of the word: Eros. 

Our culture has perhaps inadvertently created such fears, repulsions and misconceptions of this innate wellspring of LOVE (which is what Eros is at its ancient root) by creating the biggest separation from the natural world ever seen in history. 

So I want it to be clear: everything I offer DOES NOT fit within the current cultural narrative that we live in. It’s a new paradigm offering. It’s a total break-out of the matrix, where we explore the wild hinterlands of collective unconsciousness in order to birth a new creation and new way of living, experiencing and going about life in service to the complete web of creation.

So when I speak of Eros, and dare I say it, inevitably, the EROTIC; I DO NOT mean pornography, over-sexualization, objectification – these are the shadow-expression of the cut-offness from the God of love that are running the show of our current dominant culture. 

I mean LOVE in its purest, wildest, most innocent form. I mean love that’s about connection to life, joy, the vibration of ecstasy (ie. heaven on earth). I mean Earth, I mean seeing each being as unique and wonderful. I mean love that enables us to create depth relationships with every part of existence; not just the fluffy pink parts, but the down and dirty parts too. 

As we become more aware of ecological disasters, mass extinction, and the potential threat of our own annihilation, it’s becoming apparent to me, through my deep immersion in soul-infused artistry and leadership, through my apprenticeship with Animas Valley Institute, through Experimental Theatre and Deep Feminine Immersions, that new systems are needed.

That which has been mislabeled, judged, shamed and feared, the gods such as EROS who have been banished to the shadowlands, might in fact be the very medicine that we need to retrieve from the deep and scary darkness, in order for us to steer this ever-sinking ship back to shore.

And so this is what I stand for: the return of the banished God, EROS, who just so happens to be the god of LOVE.

I mean, imagine what madness. The God of LOVE, in his rooted, whole connection to life and the force that moves creation, has been banished from our culture! And not only banished but maimed, distorted, shamed and feared. As a result we have what we see: a species that is steering the Earth into a place of potential extinction! 

So in order to carry out the task of transmitting Earth’s frequency, as she so desires for me to do, I have come to bring back word of EROS. It’s risky business, but I feel the consequence of not doing so outweighs the risk and I would rather die having risked than not to have risked at all. 

Maybe my longing to live a life of deep connection, reciprocity, intimacy and love in all of its shapes and sizes, isn’t just mine. Maybe it’s a collective rumbling from the deep? And maybe your whole being is also screaming out to know a world like this?



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