Living Ecstasy

March 3, 2022
Kate Joyner

I feel one of the greatest human tragedies of our times is that we have forgotten our names. Not the names given to us at birth but the name given to us by Earth. 

One of the greatest challenges of our times is to come back into an ecological consciousness where we’re not divorced from the natural world but a part of it. An important part. To remember our name is to embody our inherent ecology, as a manifestation of how earth originally designed us. When we do this, over time and with fine tuning adjustments within the intelligence of our bodily systems and psyches we break out of our self-imposed egoic prisons. 

To embody our erotic ecology is like taking the get out of jail free card. 

The prison of our own egos has us perpetuating stories and beliefs that make us think that suffering is the card we were handed, it’s just what we are here to do. Sure, as a human being, weathering the unpredictable storms of modernity, there will be good days and bad days. But what if our existence didn’t hinge on our own internal emotional state but in our interconnectedness to the web of creation itself?

What if the web of creation and how we are participating with it, is in fact the true meaning of living? That everything else has become a prison and a distraction from what is really important. What if the true test of our human strength is not whether we can endure suffering but how we train ourselves to align with life, the love of life and the love of living well?

If we turn our attention to the web of creation and become vessels for that living pulse, then all of our human conditions become a chess board to be played with rather than a prison to be locked in.

If we wear the clothes that earth endowed us with, crown ourselves with the jewels of creation herself, then our capacity to live as the inherent design we are born to be becomes the conversation at the forefront of our existence, stretching the capacity of our human beingness to encompass her, the earth.

If your heart is breaking at the current state of affairs (which I’m sure when you tune in, it is), then perhaps the only thing to do is to endow yourself with the name that Earth gave you and live that with such ferocity your very vibration changes the frequency of the world around you.

To say that ecstasy is a state outside of oneself is to forget that we are born of earth’s creation. We only have to realign with her, with creation, to be in the fullness of ecstasy in every given moment. Even when we are broken we are in ecstasy. To be living beyond the confines of the ego suffering, wound-based mentality, and become embodied, (not transcend our human condition or body but to have embraced every stone of earthly existence, welcomed and healed the wounds that keep us floating in the air, not willing to fully descend here onto this earth), then we can truly have heaven here on this earth. Then we can know the ecstasy of living.

Part of the gift of living in the embrace of the totality of reality, is that from our ensouled existence, we give back. We live in participation with how the web of creation is asking us to live. Being, expressing, making, creating what is that is being asked of us. 

There is nothing more ecstatic than living our true inheritance. There is nothing more enlivening, fulfilling, erotic than embracing our god-given place within the web of creation.  










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