Loving your Demons

April 8, 2024
Kate Joyner


It’s our shadow and, you know, there’s excitement in that. We need our weirdness.

When the shadow arises it’s something that’s been shoved down in the dungeon, in the basement and locked away. And when it comes to the surface, it’s fucking pissed off. It wants retribution. So we have to give space for that part to really reveal what’s in there and that takes love and time and alchemy.

So the Queen the whole woman, the queen, the gold, she doesn’t judge totality. She doesn’t judge reality. She doesn’t judge any part of her being, any part of any other’s being, because she’s constantly integrating the unconscious. That’s her gift. This is the gift of the whole woman is our capacity to keep meeting the depth and keep integrating the unconscious. And so and that’s that’s the gift of the feminine is our capacity to navigate the unconscious. So the queen is not… she’s not a queen because she’s elevated from the unconscious so she’s above it or superior. She’s the queen because she’s so in love with the totality of who she is.

What happens is when when a demon arises is it doesn’t stay a demon. A demon comes from the unconscious as a demon but then through the capacity of the fully resourced psyche and the whole woman in her centre, she’s able to meet the demon, love the demon, and then in her love the demon reveals its true essence.

Essentially, they’re just like exiled psychic material that we’ve had to split off from in order to survive, in order to belong, in order to do all of these things. But on the journey of soul and the journey of becoming integrated, this is the underworld journey. We meet the demon and therefore we meet our soul, and we meet our power, we meet our love and our creativity through facing the deepest darkest places that nobody wants to go to.

That that’s why we live in a culture devoid of the feminine, because nobody is able… has the skill and capacity to go there, or nobody wants to go and we remain stuck in the too-small story and: “Oh my god there’s… I’m this being in the world, but at my core, there’s something fundamentally wrong with me.” When you start integrating all of the shadow and all of the unconscious into your core, you become whole, you become the whole woman and then there’s nothing there’s nothing wrong with you, ever. You’re just a human being having a human experience and integrating what’s what’s human.

You know, it’s the alchemist’s journey in a way because the alchemist turns lead to gold. So as you meet the unconscious, you’re turning it into gold and your your whole woman has gold, which is regal, and that’s the true erotic inheritance is in the embrace of totality, of reality.

So when we’re not having to exile, or deny, or cut off from any part of ourselves, but we can welcome it in love.

Then there’s such freedom, and such love, such ecstasy, and such peace.

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