Serving Creation

May 11, 2022
Kate Joyner

I don’t think there is anything as vulnerable as becoming an artist. When I say artist, I don’t mean solely a performing artist, I mean stepping into anything that is of your own creation. 

When we birth creation, we become the bridge between this world and the other so that we can bring something that has never been seen before into existence. It’s a truly human-making process because it requires that you to meet all of your edges. 

Being able to meet those edges is fundamental. Having the inner resources to navigate the rocky waves of becoming is essential to the journey. It would be so easy to get knocked off board by the undeniable arrival of doubt, fear and shame. 

When we can stand in the intensity of such waves, rather than running from them, we harness them for the alchemical potency that they can take us to. 

If we run from them, they take us into hiding and we play the safe game of living a life of un-lived expression. 

When we can meet the intensity of our emotional reality and stand there, it can bring us, and therefore creation, more fully into the visible. 

Being able to feel the shame, fear, doubt is the pathway to our inner God or Goddess because when we can feel all of that and ride the alchemical waves, we become whole in our existence. No longer needing to hide from anything. 

When we’re not willing to feel them, then we cover them up and deny ourselves of the pathway to our deepest expression love. Embracing our capacity to brith creation means that we need to become more fully human, and being human involves feeling all of it. Even the stuff that you really didn’t wan to feel.  

Being a mother is an art, being a lover is an art, being a baker and a candlestick maker is an art. 

To do such a bold and courageous thing, . It’s to stand in the full force of your deepest conversation you could have with mystery and birth it in to the fragile experience of being human.    


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