Embodying your Essence

August 17, 2023
Kate Joyner

I’ve just made a video for you to get a little glimpse into the realm of the new journeys. 

In essence, Wellspring of the Serpent Heart and Path of The Blazing Deer Heart are here to awaken and return you to the embodiment of your Masculine and Feminine Essence.

The true primordial essences of Masculine and Feminine have been dormant for centuries due to our separation from the natural world. 

We have been severed from the roots. We are in an evolutionary time of awakening to our true potential, where the old paradigm ways of being and relating are crumbling. 

We are longing for something else: more depth, more connection, more respect, more honour. In order to restore the polarity between man and woman, masculine and feminine, and repair the sanctuary of union within each soul and in our relationships, we need to go through a process of rewiring from the ground up.

Wellspring of The Serpent Heart and Path of The Blazing Deer Heart is a year of foundational rewiring. In order to truly harness the creative and life-affirming power of our Eros we need to have a solid intra-psychic foundation.

I call this the forging of our chalice for the women and the forging of the sword for the men. 

This is what we do during Awakening to Love and Awakening to Lead – the 1st year of the Men and Women’s Journeys.

We will be hosting a FREE CALL for women
Monday 18th September, 5-6pm UK 
“The Mystical Power of The Erotic”

and a FREE CALL for men
Tuesday 19th September, 6-7pm UK 
“The Mystical Power of The Sword”

Registration for Wellspring of The Serpent Heart and Path of The Blazing Deer Heart will open after each call.

The waitlist is open until 29th August with an opportunity to receive a 10% discount, sign up before anyone else and receive a free 1:1 call with me if you enrol in the course by the deadline.

This journey is a life-changing initiation. If you are done with outworn ways of relating, would like to awaken your creative potency, embody your true soul-aligned essence, and come into a deep muti-dimensional relationship with reality then we really would love to meet you.

“I feel a connection to my erotic nature as a woman. My pleasure, my presence, my eroticism and creativity have been brought to the forefront and I’m living the fullness of the generous reality that is possible when being in occupancy of my root and sacral.

I feel like I’m my actual self. My false self died. I  feel more trust at a cellular level, there is more cohesion in myself. I feel present now as a woman. I feel I have braided the split of my woman and am able to respond to my calling. I’ve reclaimed my magic”.

 – M. (2023 Women’s Cohort)

“I’m now living from a place of wholeness instead of brokenness. 

The energies that I’ve activated through the alchemical embodiment practices have allowed me to make this shift”. 

 – K. (2023 Men’s Cohort)

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