The Largest Love Affair of our Lives

March 2, 2023
Kate Joyner

Love is what makes the world go around, literally. It’s what moves our every move whether we are conscious of it or not. Love is the hidden primal desire in all of our decision-making. 

And yet, love is the biggest gamble. The uncharted territory of our emotional landscape can, at times, make it difficult to navigate. When we enter into love we enter into the depths of the ocean, of our personal unconscious patterning. We have to know how to swim the deep feminine depths if we are to be successful at love.

Many of us in this day and age are not successful at love because we don’t know depth. We don’t know Soul. Divorced from the forces of the natural world, we make love a personal affair and wonder why we struggle. 

The erotic impulse is a more-than-human phenomenon. Read that again.

The pulse of the erotic does not belong to us, it belongs to the realm of the gods. Ecstasy is a transcendent experience of the body merging with the divine world available to us when we open ourselves to love. 

When we feel attraction, or desire, it’s the way of the gods pointing us in the direction of where they want to bring us more alive. Often what we desire or what desires us, can bring us to uncomfortable truths of the things that have been lacking in our lives. The places we have shunned out of fear of need for safety.

When we make our desires personal, we can believe that what we want is wrong and this then leads to a further shoving down of the very life force that wants to bring us closer to the experience of the divine. But when we can appreciate that our desire is the great awakener and we have cultivated a whole enough ego to be able to withhold such a reckoning, then we get to be taken into the experience way beyond our personal idea of who we thought we were and into the largest love affair we can conjure. 

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