The Importance of Personal Practice on your Path of Awakening

July 15, 2023
Kate Joyner

One of the main teachings I impart to those who come through the school is the importance of personal practice. 

Think about it: you’ve been encased in a spell of false programming for…centuries. The layered thick brick way of life that is disconnected from the beauty of your Soul is deeply embedded within the cellular memory of your organism. 

Yet, still, deep down if you find your feet on a spiritual path of awakening, the last burning ember of the true soul story finds a way to crack through these false conditions. 

When that happens, like with any fire that is going out, it’s imperative to fan the flames. When you meet that last burning ember, it’s time to gather sticks, add logs, sing, make offerings, pray. Whatever your method is, you find a way to keep that fire alive as if your life depends on it; because it does. 

When you begin to awaken, you start to sense that there is a whole other life available to you on the other side of the false programming veil; and there is. The thing is, that other life doesn’t get handed to you on a plate. You have to work out.

I joke with the students who come to the school that waking up into the life of your Soul and living from there is like going to the gym. If you want to get fit, you have to work out. If you want to embody your Soul, you also have to work out.

I’ve been walking the path of The Deep Feminine for 12 years now. During these 12 years I’ve cultivated practices that support me (and now my students) to anchor into the life beyond the veil. The Land of the Grail. The yum-yum…(ok, I’ll stop.)

It isn’t without devoted practice that I’m able to do what I do and live as I live.

I’ve had to train. Over hours and hours I’ve given my body to practice so that I can awaken to love. 

From dance, to meditation, to nature, to kundalini yoga, to feminine embodiment, to theatre-making, to fishing, to foraging, to weaving, to breathwork, to ecstatic dance, to slow moving dance, to dance in community, to solo dance, to pussy rituals, to cock worshipping rituals, to heart alchemy practice, to breast massage, to candles and moonlight, to fasting for 4 days, to dancing for 4 nights, to cleanses, to waking up every day for 40 days and repeating the same movement, to sweats, to grief rituals, to basking naked in the sun…

Each and every day for 12 years I have devoted myself to some form of practice.
And do you know what this has done?

It means that when the shit hit the fan and life threw me a curve ball for the next layer of my awakening, I had the resources to meet it. It meant I drank it, sat there with my straw and sucked in the initiation that was there before me until I was slurping at the bottom, drinking in the medicine, ready for the next wave.

And do you know what that means?

It means that instead of closing down in the face of some of the most brutal curve balls, I’ve opened up. My heart has stayed open. Not only has it stayed open but it has expanded exponentially. I’ve come back to LOVE as my resting place each and every time, ONLY BECAUSE I HAD A PERSONAL PRACTICE. 

My personal practice is my devotion to keep plugging in, time and time again to source, to keep meeting and healing the layers of conditioning and taking off the false cloak so that I could remember who I truly am as woman, as life-force embodied, as love made manifest.

Without my personal practice, I don’t know what would remain of me, seriously I don’t.

Breaking out of the false matrix doesn’t happen without devotion to your practice. I wish I could give you the red pill, really I do. I wish I could hand it to you on a silver plate, but it’s just not the way the cookie crumbles.

So this is what we are instilling into the new and revised upcoming men and women’s journeys that just so happen to begin in October. DAILY DEVOTIONAL PERSONAL PRACTICE is going to be part of the program.

If you’d like to devote yourself to a new way of living, where your true and full potential is alive and pulsing then please feel free to join the waitlist.

You’ll get 10% off when we open the doors, plus some magical bonuses:

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