The Path of Sacred Union – the Holy Dance of the Masculine and Feminine

July 13, 2023
Kate Joyner

The journeys we offer at Dancing Serpent Mystery School are initiations into resurrecting the Masculine and Feminine poles. In essence, we serve the evolved embodiment of The Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine. 

We believe that the healing of the Masculine and Feminine principle within each individual is what makes for a healthy soul. 

I’m a feminine woman and my practice over the last 12 years has been around cultivating the embodiment of my Deep Feminine Nature. 

There is an art to the feminine. 

The lost art of the feminine has been buried underground for centuries in order to survive. But she cannot be forgotten because she lives deep within the ways of the natural world. 

You just have to remember through your body and through your relationship with the Earth.

Awakening and embodying your womb wisdom is the journey of initiation that the feminine must take if she is to awaken to the deep well of her love. 

The love of your soul emanates from your womb. When you are rooted in your womb you find your truest expression as woman. 

It’s from your womb that the art of the feminine is remembered.

As a feminine woman, I’ve also come into relationship and healing with my own inner masculine who holds the fort, inner architecture and consciousness for my feminine to flow. 

The healed, healthy and whole Masculine and Feminine in Union is the sacred alchemical  dance where you bring a love that is devotional by nature into your human experience.

Quite often the masculine and feminine poles are at war within us because we have split off from nature. 

When this happens there is a split in the psyche which leads to a fragmentation of the Soul.

This intra-psychic split can be reflected in our interpersonal relationships and so the war of the sexes and the spiritual warfare of the masculine and feminine perpetuates from the inner to the outer.

We believe that the Union of the Masculine and Feminine is an initiatory journey we must all take if we are to realise our full potential, cultivate ecstatic relationships, come into right relationship with the earth and live a divine life, which is to say, create a new paradigm.  

The Masculine and Feminine in Union is Natural Law. It’s how the entire cosmos is made.

Sacred Union is part of our organic design. 

We humans are at a time in our collective history where we are under the spell of what I call “The Great Forgetting”.  

We have forgotten how to live with the sacred,
That we are a part of the web of creation,
That our place matters and how we show up has an impact. 
We’ve forgotten the language of so many of the ancient ways and it’s imperative now that we remember. 

If we are to restore the balance we need to remember the ways of both Natural Law and Natural Love in Sacred Union. 

The marriage of the Masculine and Feminine within and without. 

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