The Necessity of Myth

March 17, 2023
Kate Joyner

I’ve been really dropping into the role of myth in our current times. Being fed by the work of Michael Meade in his explanations of the role of myth. Working with metaphor and working with archetypal images can give us the context we need for our current global crisis. Myth gives us meaning. The feeling of myth goes beyond the rational and into the primal matrix of the soul.

With the current loss and confusion, dying of systems, and the fall of democracy, it seems to me that the only healthy way to make sense is to reconnect once again with the origin stories of myth. 

Each one of us has a personal myth. 

Myth is how we come to know the deep meaning of our lives.

Our soul carries a living Myth, aching to be lived out into the world.

That myth roots us in the deep purpose of our lives. When we discover the myth within, we discover the answer to the meaning of our lives.

I hear so many people carrying the agony of this question. It’s one of the deepest existential questions of our lives. Why are we here? What is the point of all of this?

Without the initiatory journey, we have lost the way to finding that Myth.

But there is now a great remembering happening. The elders of our current times have gone against the grain and spent the whole of their lives re-inventing the deep structures that will bring back the initiatory journeys.

Discovering the myth we carry within leads us to the creation story we have come to live in this lifetime.

Living this Myth is not only for our personal fulfilment it’s the deepest service to Earth.

Because the myth that you carry on the inside is a part of the web of creation.

When we enact that Myth, we are in a participatory love affair with the Dream of the Earth. 

We are all woven of the Dream of the Earth.

The myth at the core of you is the deepest love affair you can have in this lifetime. It’s how your soul relates to the world.  

If we make that myth our living prayer, we align with Earth, with the web of creation and the Dream of the Earth. This is Sacred Activism and the roots of lasting and deep change. 

It seems the only task at hand now is to discover the myth within and live that out into the world. 


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