Dear Sister

November 11, 2021
Kate Joyner

Dear Sister, 

I beg you in all sincerity, please do not pass this lifetime without knowing the innate ecstasy of your body. Please do waste another day in the absence of this remembrance. I beg you. 

I beg you for the love of the grandmothers, the grandchildren, for the love of Earth, for the love of love itself. 

Inside that ecstasy is the world beyond this world. It holds the blueprint of how us humans were originally designed. 

Perhaps it’s hard to believe that, deep inside your body memory, exists a force of love so wild and free, it will literally change the world. In your earthly flesh is the remembrance of heaven, right here on earth.

I too have lived very far from this knowing, trapped in some kind of nightmare, where I did not know there was a way out or even another way. 

But something deep down inside, at the core of my soul, knew. Something inside of me showed me to hunt for what I had lost, for what was never shown to me.

I was never shown that my longing was the gateway to the depths of my love. I was never shown that my desire was wanting to take me closer to God. 

Something buried so deep down, so hidden, that if I hadn’t listened to the ancient hum sung to me through the pain of separation, I would never have arrived here. At this sweet surrender. At ecstasy. At the embodied force of my love. 

When I went out in search, sisters, I was blind, I didn’t even know what I was looking for. It was as dark as night, even in the day. Only after many many moon falls did the path become clear and I began to see the clearing in the woods. 

I wish I could tell you that you can touch this from the comfort of your living room. I wish I could tell you that. But a journey like this requires sacrifice. It requires that you step out into the cold night not knowing when you’ll return. And even if you don’t leave the house because your hearth calls you, a part of you will never come back to the way it is.

This essence is yours to drink every day and to shine out into the world. One of the greatest tragedies of our times is that we have no memory that our innate essence lives inside of us.

Don’t become complacent. The longing of your deepest desires are real. They have a place. They are calling you to live deeply. They are calling you to create the world of your longing. Nobody can do that for you. 

Not knowing the depths of your own love is not an option anymore. 

Our times are urgent. 

The world has gone hungry long enough.

It’s time to come back. It’s time to remember the power that you possess on the inside: your embodied love.





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